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The 7 Best Electric City Bikes Available In The Uk

Last Updated on November 4, 2022 by Emmanuel

Most people like bike commuting in cities for different reasons, including going to work, visiting other places like museums, enjoying leisure time, etc.

If you are in the UK and want to purchase an appropriate city bike, stay tuned because this article reviews the seven best electric city bikes you can buy at great prices. 

RooDog Tourer Electric City Bike

The 7 Best Electric City Bikes Available In The Uk

Key Features

Frame Aluminum alloy 6061.
Weight 23.8kg, including battery.
Battery36V 10Ah – 30 miles* / 16Ah – 45 miles*.
Front ForkAdjustable suspension fork. TGS.
Brakes Front and rear V brake.
TiresKenda, 26″.
Price £1,373.00.


The RooDog Tourer Electric City Bike is built from lightweight aluminum, features a 19-inch frame, and is made for men and women. You can also choose a 10Ah or 16Ah battery.

This electric city bike also has an adjustable handlebar stem that will provide you with stable positioning and comfort when cycling around your preferred places.

Once you have charged the battery to its total capacity, you can easily ride around 45 plus miles, making this bike ideal for cycling around town comfortably.

I recommend particularly buying the RooDog Tourer Electric City Bike if you are 5’5ft to 6’3ft tall and are looking for an affordable, classic, and gorgeous e-bike.

It costs £1,373.00, the shipping fee included.

Emu Classic Step-Through 250W 

The 7 Best Electric City Bikes Available In The Uk

Key Features

Frame Aluminium Alloy.
Motor250W front hub.
Battery374Wh with Samsung battery cells.
Size Step-Thru 46cm.
Brakes Shimano V-Brakes, Tektro power cut-off brake lever.
Weight 24 kg.
Price £1,547.00.


The brand that produces Emu Step-through Electric Bikes and other related bikes uses high manufacturing standards to make them compelling and efficient.

They have featured this bike with a heat-treated and anti-corrosive aluminum frame making it one of the lightest durable, and best electric city bikes currently available.

In addition to its aluminum frame, Emu Classic Step-Through 250W has a poweful 250-watt electric motor combined with a Samsung battery to ensure the lowest self-discharge rate.

This bike also has Shimano brakes, a gears system enabling you to tackle cycle paths and routes, hills and steep slopes, and country roads fearless.

You can even use the built-in USB port to charge your smartphone; your device will not run off power throughout the journey.

How fast can a 250W e-bike go?

On flat ground, a 250 W electric bike can go as first as 20 miles per hour or approximately 32.19 km an hour. 

Who is Emu Classic Step-Through 250W for?

This one of the best electric city bikes is ideal for people who like to cycle around the town and go shopping (it has a basket shopping).

You can also buy this bike if you’re regularly commuting to work or like to enjoy the pleasure of cycling on weekends with your friends and family.

It costs £1,547.00, the shipping fee included, and the seller offers a two-year warranty, except for normal tear and wear.

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Wisper Wayfarer M9 

Wisper Wayfarer M9 Key Features

Frame Iridium Silver 6 coats.
GearsShimano Alivio 9 speed with Rapid Fire shifter.
Weight 450Wh: 27kg & 700Wh: 29kg.
ForkSuntour XCM 32 100mm travel through axle
ChainKMC X9 Rust Resist 9 Speed.
TiresKenda 27.5” 2.2 high puncture resistance with reflector.
Price £2,497.00.


You can use the Wisper Wayfarer M9 bike in and out of the city. It is even possible to change the tires and make it a perfect bike to ride in forests and hills.

The designer has equipped this bike with three different riding styles making it easy to cycle in the city (for commuting and shopping) or for adventures in the country and mountains.

However, these combinations and flexibility come with a price. The Wisper Wayfarer M9 electric city bike costs £2,497.00, but it is worth investing in.


The 7 Best Electric City Bikes Available In The Uk

Key Features

Frame Alpenchallenge AMP Premium Aluminium.
ChainShimano CN-HG601.
Weight Limit 140 kg / 308 lb.
StemBMC RSM 01.
Brakes Shimano SM-RT66 Rotors (180/160).
TiresVittoria Zaffiro Pro, 32 mm.
Price £3,150.00.


When designing the Alpenchallenge AMP Sportbike, the brand behind its manufacturing took inspiration from high-performance road bikes.

You can purchase it if you want a bike that combines performance, styles, and affordable pricing.

Electric Rider, the company that sells these bikes across the United Kingdom, has more than fifteen bikes of this type.

If you have some challenges in choosing the most ideal for you, you can contact customer support and ask to speak to one of this company’s experts.

They will listen to your particular needs, explain the differences between these bikes, and advise you on the best one to purchase.

This bike costs £3,150.00, but the price can climb depending on other criteria like more specificities and high performance.

This line’s most expensive and high-performing bike is the “BMC ALPENCHALLENGE AMP Sports One DB Hybrid Bike,” which costs £5,300.00.

MTF ROAD 6.2 W – 17″ Electric Bike 

Key Features

  • Frame: Alu 6061.
  • Speed: 25 km/h.
  • Battery: Li-ion 36V/14,5 Ah (522 Wh).
  • Fork: SR SUNTOUR NEX RLO, stroke 63mm.
  • Brakes: Shimano BR-MT201.
  • Tires: SCHWALBE Marathon 700*38C.
  • Price: £2,447.00.


The MTF ROAD 6.2 W – 17″ electric bike was redesigned in 2021 to make it more compelling to women.

Suppose you are a woman living in London or any other city in the UK.

In that case, you can purchase this electric bicycle, enabling you to ride elegantly and confidentially.

When redesigning this bike, the manufacturer has integrated, among others, a proven Bafang M400 center motor and batteries in the frame.

Many users say they are happy to have invested in it. They particularly appreciate its Lighter frame and mid-frame motor that make the handling light and balanced.

Another feature that makes the  MTF ROAD 6.2 W – 17″ Electric Bike one of the most preferred by British women is the responsiveness of this bike’s motor and batteries.

You can ride it for over 100km without recharging the batteries, which is unique. It will cost you £2,447.00 to invest in this bike.

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MBM Men’s Oberon 14.5ah 522Wh

The 7 Best Electric City Bikes Available In The Uk

Key Features

Frame MBM alloy 6061 28” Hydroforming.
MotorMBM Motori Elettrici By Olieds
Battery36V, 14,5 Ah, 522 Wh.
ForkSuntour Nex-E25H.LO DS 700C.
Brakes Shimano Br-M315 Hydraulic.
TiresSchwalbe Marathon 700X47.
Price £2,499.00.


With a chic urban design and a sleek frame, you can ride the MBM Men’s Oberon 14.5ah 522Wh bike for light recreation or commuting. It can reach a speed of up to 25 per hour.

Indeed, MBM, the manufacturer of this modern bike, has equipped it with a pannier rack, side stand, and suspension that make it more convenient for the owner.

You can invest in MBM Men’s Oberon 14.5ah 522Wh bike if you are a rider looking for adventure.

It will enable you to go through difficult paths and face dangerous roads without fear.

However, this one of the leading and trusted electric city bikes comes at a price, you must invest £2,499.00 to own this bike, but it is worth the money.

Juicy Bike Open Ticket Commuter 250w 

Key Features

Frame Made from 6061-T6 Aluminium.
Motor250W High TQ Sensor hub from Aikema.
Battery280WH/7.8AH (18 miles).
Weight16.5 Kgs.
Brakes Tektro Hydraulic Disks, front and rear.
GearsShimano 8 Speed Acera derailleur with paddle shifters.
Price £1,860.00.


The last bike I have reviewed in this article is the “Juicy Bike Open Ticket Commuter 250w,” available in a slightly smaller 18″ frame.

It also has a near-silent, lighter, small yet powerful motor.

This bike has a Samsung battery that can enable you to take an 18 or 33 miles round trip (depending on the chosen battery).

Many customers find it suitable for their cycling needs.

Indeed, some statistics suggest that cars in the UK make up 80% of daily urban journeys, covering an average distance of under 5 miles.

You can buy the Juicy Bike Open Ticket Commuter 250w” bike at £1,860.00. It is an affordable, convenient and discreet electric city bike.

How fast do electric city bikes go?

You can ride an electric city bike at 20 miles per hour, but the powerful ones can go as fast as 28 miles per hour.

Many people use these bikes because they don’t produce emissions, making them environmentally friendly.

Can you ride an electric bike without pedaling?

Yes, you can ride an electric bike without pedaling, especially if you pick one with charge city and comfort models with a throttle.

However, we don’t see the benefit of pedaling your e-bike while it has the feature to assist you for the ride.

The Final Thoughts

This article about the best electric commuter bikes for adults ends here.

We hope this article will help you choose an appropriate electric city bike and enjoy commuting around your preferred city.

Besides the many benefits this type of investment offers, you will also save money in the long run while contributing to protecting the environment.

Indeed, we all know that the more there is traffic, the more pollution there will be. You will also drain your car’s fuel tank and be late for your duties.

So the question is, why shouldn’t you opt for an innovative and convenient mode of transport?

You can ask questions or leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

We will ensure to get back to you as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “The 7 Best Electric City Bikes Available In The Uk”

  1. Using an e-bike for commuting in a city is a far more environmentally friendly transport than a motorcar that pumps pollution into the air.

    With the congestion in many cities, you often reach your destination quicker if you are on an electric bike. In addition, the congestion charge in London is very high, so it will make financial sense to invest in an e-bike.

    The initial outlay might be high, but you will soon recoup your cost by not having to buy fuel, pay for services on your car, and not pay congestion charges.

    Thanks for sharing some great choices.


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