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Hello, good people; I am Emmanuel R., the founder of Ema Mountain Bike. Through this page, I want to share who I am, the purpose of this website, and how it can benefit you.

My goal is to help you discover the best mountain bikes you can use as a professional or a hobbyist in the field of mountain excursions.

In addition to high-quality mountain bikes, you will also find many other resources and materials on this site to help you achieve your mountain excursions goals safely and live the better life you deserve.

How did I get into the mountain excursions hobby?

With a solid background of many years in finance and accounting, I abandoned this fantastic profession due to the different life challenges.

I was forced to flee my country and spent over six years as a jobless looking for a country that could admit me as an asylum seeker.

In 2014, I decided to leverage my free time to start learning online marketing. However, I couldn’t make much progress because I didn’t have money to invest in reliable online marketing training. I only kept using free resources to learn this industry, but they were not efficient.

In 2016, I started getting little money and decided to invest a part in learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. It was not an easy journey, but I managed to build a successful online business in the Health and Wellness industry.

At the same time, I became passionate about mountain excursions and started researching the topic. In 2018, I bought my first mountain bike and joined a group of friends to practice mountain excursions as a hobby.

I also kept researching topics related to mountain escalating, mountain tours in Canada and the United States, mountain bikes and accessories in these countries, and others worldwide such as the Uk and Australia, etc.

I concluded that this field was of great interest to many people in these countries and many others and decided to create a website where they could find helpful information and other resources to help them realize their goals.

If you are one of them, you can relax because you are at the right place. You will find on this site the most things you need to make your mountain excursions an unforgettable experience.

Whether you are looking for mountain bikes and other accessories, I will show you how to get them at great prices. Also, I will provide you with many other free resources related to mountain excursions.

To end the story, I encourage you to constantly search for ways to learn new skills as long as you can afford that.

I wish you all the best, your friend Emmanuel.

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