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Why Are Motorcycle Jackets So Expensive? (Revealed)

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Motorcycle jackets are essential safety clothing items for motorcyclists, but they can be expensive, and this article will explore the various factors that make them a pricey item of clothing.

At first glance, the prices of motorcycle jackets may seem somewhat unreasonable, especially compared to other garments.

However, looking at the materials used to make them, one can clearly understand why they cost so much more than regular clothes.

So let’s see why motorcycle jackets are so expensive and the best ones you can find on the market.

What makes motorcycle jackets expensive?

  • The cost of motorcycle jackets primarily depends on the quality and type of material used to make them.
  • It also depends on extra factors such as branding and design.
  • Costly motorcycle jackets are made of leather or other heavy-duty materials.
  • Those made in leather are the most popular and costly because they are durable and weather resistant.
  • Manufacturers also use multiple layers of leather and Kevlar reinforcement panels, making these items expensive.
  • Protective quality against accidents and other technology can also increase the cost.

Are expensive jackets worth it? 

Spending too much on these clothes depends on everyone’s wishes because many budget-friendly options are available on the market.

We do not recommend the cheapest jackets that don’t offer a good level of protection, but there is no need to empty your pocket or bank account.

You can, for instance, pick a top-quality one from brands like Chromeburner, which offers many options at affordable prices.

This brand’s online shop features thousands of motorcycle jackets for you to pick the most suitable.

Check the sizing charts carefully before purchasing a motorcycle jacket, as they tend to run small.

You can also choose your ideal jacket per brand or other criteria such as ventilation, lamination, mesh panels, etc.

What are the best quality motorcycle jackets?

With so many different types and brands of motorcycle jackets, you can find it hard to decide the best option to choose.

If you plan to ride on the street, consider a jacket made from heavier materials that will hold up against abrasion in your fall.

Off-road and track jackets can be lighter and more comfortable since they don’t need to provide as much protection.

Also, consider the jacket’s materials, such as layers, ventilation, the climate you plan to wear, the features, visibility, etc.

Below are a few of the best jacket brands you can pick:

1. Dainese jackets

Why Are Motorcycle Jackets So Expensive?

Dainese motorcycle jackets have been around since 1972 and are known for their quality and durability.

The company uses a unique leather treatment process that makes the jackets more resistant to abrasion and tearing.

This treatment also helps the jackets retain their color and shape over time.

You can find a top-quality motorcycle Dainese jacket at around $400 or less, depending on your budget and riding needs.

It will help if you pick a quality motorcycle jacket because it can last for years, provided you take care of it properly.

In contrast, a cheap jacket may only last a few rides, and you will need another budget to replace it soon.

Use the link on this page to check all the Dainese motorcycle jackets available on Chromeburner’s online shop and pick the most suitable.

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2. Alpinestars jackets

This Italian-based brand has specialized in sports gear since 1963 and offers top-rated products in many countries.

You can go to the Chromeburner online shop and search for jackets under the clothing icon to find thousands of jackets.

Sort them per brand to find a hundred Alpinestars motorcycle jackets to pick from the best.

You can, for example, choose the Alpinestars Atem V4 Black Gray White jacket, which costs $465, but there are many other options.

This jacket is highly breathable, comfortable, and perfect for those who enjoy spending time outdoors.

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3. REV’IT jackets

Why Are Motorcycle Jackets So Expensive?

REV’IT! is one of the most famous motorcycle brands worldwide, founded in 1995.

This company has more than 70 branches in Europe and the United States.

The owners’ goal is to provide motorcycle riders with high-quality, comfortable, and stylish clothing enabling them to perform while feeling protected.

Chromeburner online shop features over 230 REV’IT! Jackets to pick the most appropriate and quickly receive the delivery to your home.

The cost of the REV’IT! Jackets vary depending on the quality, but you can expect to pay from a hundred to over seven hundred dollars.

Choose another motorcycle jacket brand if you are not fond of REVI’T! Chromeburner has partnerships with over fifteen brands. 

4. SPIDI jackets

SPIDI is another brand that has offered high-quality clothing for adventure and racers motorcycle riders globally since 1977.

This brand’s jackets can increase your comfort, performance, and safety, whatever the weather condition you ride in.

Whether you need a comfortable, safe, stylish jacket for town riding or the most adventurous road trip, you will get what you need.

You can find the SPIDI offering on the Chromeburner online store using the link provided under this section.

Chromeburner offers more than 165 jackets for men and women for all budgets and everyone’s riding needs and styles.

You can also pick your best motorcycle jacket per special features like a hump, lamination, and ventilation.

Take away

These are a few samples of the best brands that design high-quality motorcycle jackets for men and men.

They are all centered on the Chormeburner online marketplace, making it easy to pick the best jacket.

Other motorcycle gears offered by Chormeburner are pants, helmets, suits, hoodies and shirts, armored shirts, etc.

This company delivers worldwide, including in the US, Canada, and the European Union.

How much to spend on a motorcycle jacket?

Why Are Motorcycle Jackets So Expensive?


The price depends on the rider, but quality motorcycle clothes are durable and costly.

These types of equipment are worth it because they protect you against riding risks, including severe injuries and fatal accidents.

Consider the protection level when determining the budget for a motorcycle jacket.

A good motorcycle jacket should offer ample protection against abrasion in the fall.

Moreover, a good jacket should have features like reflective piping or material to increase visibility at night.

Another essential factor to consider is the climate in your area.

An ideal budget for a quality motorcycle jacket ranges from $200 to $600.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, motorcycle jackets are expensive because manufacturers use high-quality materials.

They also have unique features that protect you while riding safely.

Manufacturers spend a lot of labor designing these jackets and need to get the most out of their creations.

Be ready to spend significant money if you need a high-quality one, but you will not regret spending your money.

That’s all we can say about “why are motorcycle jackets so expensive,” and we hope this information is helpful.

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