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The 9 Best Quietkat Electric Hunting Bikes

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The first brand that comes to mind when someone asks about electric hunting bikes is QuietKat.

Quietkat is one of the best electric hunting bike manufacturers; this brand aims to fulfill the needs of bikes for hunters, anglers, and outdoor explorers.

The brand has an exciting lineup of hunting bikes at all levels. Who knows if one of them is the perfect hunting bike for you?

This article will cover the nine best QuietKat electric hunting bikes to ease your effort in searching for a hunting bike.

What is Quietkat company?

In 2016, twin brothers Jake and Justin Roach founded QuiteKat in Eagle, Colorado.

Since then, the company has created numerous electric bikes that accommodate hunters or outdoor enthusiasts.

QuietKat has all that you expect an off-road vehicle should have. The bikes from QuietKat are, like what the name Quiet suggests.

So the bikes won’t drive the animal away as you approach them. If you get a big prize from your hunting trip, QuietKat’s bikes can also carry a heavyweight.

Here is a fun fact about QuietKat company, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources trusts the 1000watt bike models to accommodate their Conservation Officers patrolling and citing wildlife violations.

To make things more interesting, if you decide to buy one of their electric bikes, you will have a lifetime warranty on your bike’s frame. That is such a good deal.

You can find all of the QuietKat electric bikes on their official website. But, before that, check the list of the best bikes from QuietKat below in an orderly fashion.

Are QuietKat bikes worth it?

QuietKat is one of the best manufacturers of top-rated electric mountain bikes with fat tires enabling hunters to handle all types of all-terrain, including deep mads, rocky and rough trails, and the like.

Quietkat Apex electric bike

The 9 Best Quietkat Electric Hunting Bikes

Key features

Load Capacity325 Ibs.
Motor / Class 750W/1000W Mid-drive.
Battery 14.5AH/48V 696 WH
SuspensionQK 150mm Invented Air-Suspension Fork.
BrakesTektro 4-Piston Hydraulic.
Price$5,499.00 – $5,799.00.

Brief description

If you type “the best electric hunting bike” on google, you will likely find the QuietKat Apex on most lists.

Even some articles put the bike as number one on their list. Sure enough, the Apex has what it takes to be number one on this list.

The bike features a 750W – 1000W motor that you can upgrade to 1500W.

The battery is enough to accommodate up to 58 miles of the journey with a maximum speed of up to 28 miles per hour.

The Apex is incredible for climbing as well as traversing softer grounds.

You will experience the smooth operation of bearings in all seasons as the bike uses a 12 mm thru-axle on the rear and sealed bearings in both front and rear hubs.

The bike has an integrated pannier rack that you can use to bring all things you need for your backcountry ride.

Quietkat Ranger electric bike

Essential features

MotorAvailable in 750W and 1000W.
Battery 12.8AH/48V 614 WH.
SizesS | M | L (GUIDE BELOW)
SuspensionMozo Coil Suspension Fork
BrakesTektro Mechanical Disc.
Price $3,499.00 – $3,799.00.

The Range e-bike description

If you are starting as a hunter and don’t want to spend so much money on a hunting bike, the Ranger is a good fit for you as it is the cheapest among other hunting bikes on the market.

Despite its price, the Ranger is not compromising on quality. You can rely on this bike when facing challenging terrains.

The only drawback of the Ranger model is its hub motor is not suitable for climbing steep hills.

You can rely on the Ranger if you aim for hunting locations with no steep hills.

The Ranger will take up to 48 miles of coverage with a single charge. And, with a 325 lbs load capacity, you can bring home the hunting prize and more.

QuietKat Ranger 5.0

The 9 Best Quietkat Electric Hunting Bikes

Key features

  • Motor: 500W Hub-drive.
  • Battery: 461Wh | 9.6AH/48V.
  • Gears: Single-Speed.
  • Modes:3 Levels of Pedal Assist + Removable Throttle.
  • Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc.
  • Price: $2,699.00 – $2,799.00.

Brief description

The Quietkat ranger 5.0 is a little cheaper than the Ranger but poweful. It is an entry-level hunting bike that has plenty of power and performance.

This bike features a durable 6061 aluminum frame, a 180 mm rotor mechanic disk brake, and a single-speed drivetrain to make sure it can hold out against extreme terrain.

Those features also make the Ranger 5.0 stand out more, as the features reduce maintenance and repair needs.

Unfortunately, you will not get a front suspension with the Ranger 5.0.

But, besides that, you will get an impressive 38 miles of range despite the battery size.

This bike also features a premium LCD screen in the center of the handlebars and a massive load capacity for hauling heavyweight.

Besides that, it had a quiet motor and more. The Ranger 5.0 comes with a sandstone color and a custom camo pattern.

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Quietkat Jeep Eelectric bike

This bike has a 300 Ibs load capacity, a 750W-1500W Ultra Mid-drive motor, and a 14.5AH/48V 696 WH battery.

It is also built-in a Rear – RockShox Monarch RL 150mm suspension and features a 150mm QK Inverted Air-Suspension Fork.

Jeep and QuietKat work together to make one of the best electric hunting bikes on the market.

You will expect perfection if two big brands join forces to make one product.

This bike delivers a full-suspension electric hunting bike that can handle anything in the great outdoors.

This bike uses the Bafang Ultra motor with 160Nm torque. With the bike’s power, you can tackle steep hills on your hunting trips.

The 4.8″ fat tires will give you more control over rocks, snow, sand, and loose soil.

Indeed, you can ensure that the combination of a 1500W motor and 14.5AH/ 48V battery will support your wilderness exploration up to 58 miles of range.

The Tektro 4-Piston hydraulic disc brakes ensure the bike stops whenever you squeeze the brake levers.

How fast can the Jeep e-bike go?

According to the people behind the QuietKat company, their range of Jeep electric bikes can go as fast as twenty miles per hour.

It will help if you watch the Youtube video below for around eleven minutes to learn more about these powerful electric bikes.

Quietkat RidgeRunner

The 9 Best Quietkat Electric Hunting Bikes

Key specifications

Load Capacity 300 lbs.
Motor / Class 1000W Ultra Mid-drive.
Battery 16AH/48V 768 WH.
SuspensionFront – 150mm QK Inverted Air-Suspension Fork.
Brakes Tektro 4-Piston Hydraulic Disc.
Price $6,599.00.


Quietkat Ridgerunner electric bike is RidgeRunner is hard to beat.

For one, the attraction is not only by the look but also by the performance as it features a high-powered 1000W Bafang Ultra Mid-Drive motor.

The manufacturer of this bike has combined its motors with a 16AH/48V battery that allows it to travel up to 64 miles.

So, you can ride the bike through the roughest terrain without breaking a sweat. You will have a larger hunting territory when riding this bike.

The RidgeRunner will give you the smoothest riding experience, all thanks to the bike’s full suspension.

Plus, the massive 4.8″ fat tires give you the ability to tackle all terrain in any season. This bike is available in two sizes, 17-inch, and 19-inch frame sizes.

The Warrior electric bike

With a 325 Ibs load capacity, the Quietkat Warrior electric bike comes with a 750W/1000W Mid-drive motor and a 12.8AH/48V 614 WH battery.

In addition, this powerful mountain bike has an Air Suspension Fork that you can adjust at your convenience.

It also has many other essential specifications that you cna check through a link provided on this page.

We can tell you by now that the Quietkat Warrior e-Bike is versatile or simple to ride while still firm.

It has adjustable dropouts that allow you to swap between a single-speed and an eight-speed.

Moreover, this bike’s Mid-drive motor will enable it to climb hills easily, while its 120mm front suspension fork will provide you with smooth rides off-road.

In a few words, the Warrior is a big bike with a stand-over height of 32″.

It might raise a problem for anyone 5’8″ or smaller. At the same time, the size provides a powerful look that everyone else will envy.

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Quietkat Voyager electric bike

The 9 Best Quietkat Electric Hunting Bikes
Max Unassisted Speed25mph.
Motor750W (Class 2).
BatteryBattery: 12.8AH/48V | 10 LBS.
Range Up To 48 miles.
Front ForkCoil Suspension.
Cost$2,899.00 – $2,999.00.


Most hunting bikes are 70lbs or more and look bulky. But not the Voyager.

With only 54 lbs, this folding electric hunting bike requires minimal space in your car.

Don’t be fooled by the size because this bike is a monster in disguise. The Voyager is more than just a foldable bike as this bike is capable of carrying 325 lbs worth of weight.

Moreover, the bike features 20″ x 4″ fat tires that can traverse through rocks, snow, or even sand. So, you can go on your hunting trip anywhere you like.

The Ripper electric bike

Like many QuietKat bikes, the Ropper also has a load capacity of 300 lbs, a 500W Hub-drive motor, and a 9.6AH/48V 461WH better, allowing you to ride up to 48 miles.

It also comes with many other vital features from QuietKat’s larger bikes, but its massive power is inside a smaller package.

The 500W hub-drive motor spins the rear wheel and propels the bike forward independent of the chain. It has a single-speed drivetrain, so it’s simple and easy to maintain.

The Ripper e-Bike can be the best option to take your kids out to enjoy outdoor explorations.

The Villager Urban e-bike

Key specifications

Motor500W (Class 2).
Battery 614WH | 12.8AH/48V 5 | 10 LBS.
Suspension RST Coil Suspension Fork.
GearsShimano 7-Speed.
Range Up To 40 miles.
The Cost $3,199.00.


The Villager is more like a hybrid bike. The features are great for urban use, but QuietKat makes sure you can use that off-road.

So, it is best for hunting on moderate terrain. As far as the battery life goes, the bike can take up to 40 miles with pedal assist.

The bike’s fenders are a nice touch as they will keep you from getting mud on your shirt.

Plus, you can carry a lot of stuff on the bike with the addition of an integrated pannier rack.

From the beginning, QuietKat has been focusing on designing bikes for outdoor recreation enthusiasts.

So, those are the nine best QuietKat electric hunting bikes. Which one do you like the most?

So, they know what they do, and you can expect great value for the money you spend on them.

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How to finance a QuietKat electric bike?

You can use your own money to buy the bikes of this brand, but there are also possibilities for financing by Affirm.

You can use your own money to buy the bikes of this brand, but there are also possibilities for financing by Affirm.

Indeed, many financing companies in the US offer the possibility for people to buy now and pay later lending options and Affirm one of them.

Once Affirm accepts your credit demand, you will purchase your preferred bike from the QuietKat online store and pay in at least a one-year installment.

You can contact this company’s sales team if you want help choosing an ideal bike or need any other assistance.

Also, I would like to point out that Quietkat also sells accessories, spare parts, and many other items in addition to electric bikes.

You can read this article that reviews some of its best accessories in detail to learn more about these items.

Final thoughts

Let’s end this blog post that has discussed the nine best Quietkat electric hunting bikes.

Just use the banner on this page to go to this company’s online store, select the bike you like and purchase it.

I have also told you that you can ask for Affirm financing if you don’t have enough money to buy the bike you like right away.

You can ask questions or leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

We will answer as quickly as possible.

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