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The 4 Best Minnesota Framed Fat Bikes

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Are you planning mountain biking all year round, regardless of the four seasons? If yes, read this post about the four best Minnesota Framed Fat bikes. 

These bikes’ wider tires will take you anywhere from dirt paths to softer grounds.

You will easily enjoy biking across the snow because the broader tires create less ground pressure.

While most fat bikes are pricey, the Framed Bikes company has a vast selection of fat bikes at reasonable prices.

Indeed, the Framed Bikes company that sells these bikes is based in Minnesota and currently dominates the fat bike market.

Not only are these bikes economical, but they are also top-notch from a quality point of view. They are as good as any other famous brand.

Framed Bikes sells a total of nine types of framed bikes, but I will only describe four of them in this article as a sample.

On this page, you will find a link that will take you to its online store, where you can check all these types of bikes, choose the one (s) you like, and buy it/them.

Alaskan Carbon Studded – Fat 27.5″

The 4 Best Minnesota Framed Fat Bikes

Alaskan Carbon Studded – Fat 27.5″ Specifications

FrameFRAMED High Modulus Carbon Fiber Frame 197×12.
ForkFRAMED Carbon Fork, 150x15mm OR Rockshox Bluto.
CassetteSRAM NX Eagle PG 1230 11-50.
ChainSRAM Eagle Powerlock.
BrakesSRAM Level T.
TireTerrene Cake Eater Light Crown Stud 27.5 x 4in.


This Minnesota-framed fat bike is the most recent model in the Framed Fat Bikes lineup. It has 27.5-inch wheels and tires, unlike the previous model, that was 26-inch wheels.

Also, it has a bigger tire diameter that substantially increases the rollover momentum, allowing it to go faster.

The 27.5-inch tires were designed to be narrow and longer in the contact patch, which makes better tracking and less self-steer.

Besides, this Alaskan Carbone bike has a neat and clean appearance; its routing system was uniquely designed.

You can use full-shifting housing accessible at the bottom bracket. Cleaning this bike after a muddy adventure will also be more straightforward.

It is also worth mentioning that this bike is packed with wholly redesigned tubing to increase power transfer.

Despite the 27.5-inch wheel, this bike is also very responsive in turns, and its shorter chainstays make it easy to maneuver.

The Alaskan Carbon is stiff, solid, and can handle a beating. As for the color, there are two options to choose from, black and white. Also, the build has two possibilities: NX Eagle and GX Eagle.

Minnesota – Fat 26″

The 4 Best Minnesota Framed Fat Bikes

Minnesota – Fat 26″ Specifications

FrameFRAMED Exclusive Oversized 6061 Aluminum Alloy frame. T.22″. 
ForkFRAMED 6061 Aluminum Alloy. 
CassetteSunrace 11-42t Cassette.
ChainECO- ProteQ for superior rust resistance.
BrakesMechanical disc, 160mm rotors.
TireFRAMED Fat Tire 26″ x 4″ 60 TPI. 
Price $1,049.95.


This bike comes in 3 different colors, white, blue, and black. It is also available in four sizes: 16,18,20, and 22in.

Indeed, you can use the Framed Minnesota for climbing steep hills thanks to its 11-42t cassette and 28-tooth front chainring.

Also, this bike has a wide range of gear ratio combinations that will enable you to climb up quickly.

You can punch it fast across the trails, pavements, or softer grounds.

As you ride along the street, you may notice that the trail is wide, which results in a bit of resistance.

However, you can expect impressive performance from the Framed Minnesota bike in winter.

This bike’s weight is 34 lbs, which is in the middle of the average fat bike, ranging from 25 to 45 lbs.

Another cool feature of the Framed Minnesota fat tire bike is that you can easily make tube and tire changes.

To ride in icy conditions, you must swap the tires with studded ones to avoid slippage.

Switching to studded tires might also make the bike perform better on snowy and icy paths.

In addition, the seller has Framed Fat bikes for women called “the Minnesota Women’s.”

This bike is available only in one pink color and in two sizes: 15 and 17.

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Mini-Sota – Fat 24″

The 4 Best Minnesota Framed Fat Bikes

Mini-Sota – Fat 24″ Specifications

FrameFRAMED Exclusive Oversized 6061 Aluminum Alloy frame.  
ForkFRAMED 6061 Aluminum Alloy. 
CassetteSram 9 Speed Cassette 11-34t. 
ChainKMC X9 Rust Treated Finish 9 Speed chain.
BrakesAvid BB5 mechanical disc. 
TireChao Yang 24 “X4” 120 TPI. 
Price $799.95.


When I read the name, the first thing that comes to mind is the mini version of the Framed Minnesota Fat 26″.

Don’t you think so? Although I’m not sure if that is the case, I know that the manufacturer has designed Framed Mini-Sota for young riders.

Indeed, he has equipped this bike with an SRAM X5 drivetrain and trigger shifter for smooth gear switching.

The 24″ x4″ wide tires bring stability to the riding experience on any surface.

In addition, this bike’s Chao Yang tires have a decent grip that allows transferring the power very well on any surface like snow, sand, trail, etc.

The Mini-Sota 13″ frame size means that the top tube and seat stay in a straight line when you see it from the side.

Also, it would be tricky to fit an average-sized bottle in the bottle cage, but a smaller bottle will work just fine.

The Framed Bikes company wasn’t kidding when they decided to make this bike for youngsters; they made it adjustable to enjoy comfortable rides.

The Mini-Sota also is geared with Avid FR-5 brake levers to enable the user to dial it in the correct finger’s reach.

Montana Carbon – Fat 27.5″

The 4 Best Minnesota Framed Fat Bikes

Montana Carbon – Fat 27.5″

  • Frame: High Modulus Carbon Fiber Frame 177×12. 
  • Fork: RockShox Bluto, Lockout, Rebound adjust, 100mm travel 150x15mm. 
  • Cassette: Cassette: SRAM NX Eagle PG 11-50. 
  • Brakes: SRAM Level TL Hydraulic. 
  • Tire: Maxxis Minion 27.5 x 3.8in. 
  • price: $3,299.95.


The Framed Montana Carbon is the only full-suspension fat bike lineup in the Framed fat bikes.

This makes it a versatile fat bike because fat bikes usually don’t have suspensions. They are mainly designed for snow and sand.

A downhill bicycle is an ideal choice for you if you enjoy mountain biking.

You will only need to switch away to lock the brakes if you plan to ride through sand or snow or when you think you don’t need suspensions.

No doubt that the manufacturer has designed this bike very nicely and smoothly.

The snow will fall off easily because there is no place on the frame for ice to sit and freeze.

Also, the firm and stiff crankset can transfer the power efficiently to move the bike forward.

The frame can handle that power transfer nicely with no flex or wriggle.

In a few words, the Framed Montana Carbon is an excellent choice if you want to experience all kinds of biking conditions.

You could wear your warm jacket and go through snow, feel the sunshine on the beach sand or shred it on the trails.

There are four sizes available that are 15, 17, 19, and 21.

As for color, this bike is available in only one black color, as shown on the Framed Bikes online store.

However, there might be other color options because I have seen a Montana Carbon with greenish color on the internet.

I will end this section by reminding you that the Framed Bikes company has a lineup of great fat bikes.

You can use the link below to go to its online show, browse all the available bikes, and purchase the most suitable for you. You will find a bike for any budget.

What are the disadvantages of a fat bike?

Fat mountain bikes have extra-wide tires and suspension to absorb bumps on the trail, but this extra weight can make them slower than regular mountain bikes.

These bikes can also be more challenging to maneuver in tight spaces, making them uncomfortable for some people.

Is it harder to pedal a fat tire bike?

The extra weights of fat tire bikes provide more traction and stability but can make pedaling more difficult. These bikes can be great options for riders who want a bit more challenge or for those who enjoy the unique ride they provide. 

Are fat tire bikes good on the pavement?

Fat tire bikes are mainly designed for off-road riding to provide stability and traction on loose or uneven surfaces.

Consider the increased rolling resistance when riding a fat tire bike on the pavement.

The broader tires make it harder to pedal and make it feel like you’re pedaling through molasses.

Remember that the bike’s increased weight may limit your maneuverability.

These bikes are not the best for leisurely riding on the pavement.

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The Final Words 

Let’s end this article about the four best Minnesota Framed fat bikes, hoping you will find it helpful.

Framed Bikes offers many other bicycles, including mountain, BMX, Gravel, women’s, and youth.

Use the link on this page to go to its online store, check the products, and pick what you need.

Please ask questions or leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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