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10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets For Men

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Besides owning an ideal mountain bike to ride in all terrains, you must also own one of the best mountain bike helmets for men if you are of this gender.

Women and children of all ages must also wear appropriate helmets before jumping on their bikes and start enjoying the pleasure of mountain biking.

However, this post will only focus on the top-rated mountain helmets for men, but I will review those for women and kids.  

Oakley DRT5 Bike Helmet Mens

10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets For Men

Key Features

BrandOakley DRT 5.
Inner MaterialExpanded Polystyrene.
Sport TypeCycling.
Color Black and Red.
Price $139.95.


This mountain bike helmet is affordable and provides confidence when ripping down the most technical descents.

It integrates many components, including an Eyewear Dock, to range your sunglasses securely. You will then take and wear your shades when needed.

This helmet also features many other components, including a flexible and soft textile BOA 360 Fit System that will lie perfectly against your head.

This poweful helmet will give you the security you need to confidently hit the hills, trails, and other hard-to-ride terrains. It costs $139.95 only.

POC Axion Spin Bike Helmet Mens

Key Features

PIN technologyPending silicone pad technology system.
Sport TypeHelmet for Trail and Enduro.
Color Uranium Black Matt.
SizeXL and XXL.
Price $149.95.


Another best mountain bike helmet you can purchase at an affordable price is POC Axion Spin which costs $149.95 only.

Poc Axion Spin has designed this helmet for individuals who like riding trails and enduro mountain bikes.

It features POC’s innovative technology to provide neck and maximum head protection.

This helmet’s other components are a patent-pending silicone pad technology system.

And a fully wrapped unibody shell that enhances structural integrity and durability.

POC Axion Spin also features a 360° size system that will enable you to adjust it in a way that fits you the best for more security.

Its other components are a lightweight and well-ventilated system and a breakaway visor that snaps off the helmet when an impact occurs.

Bell Full-9 Bike Helmet Mens

10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets For Men

Key Features

  • Brand: Bell.
  • Camera mount: Integrated, seamless camera mount.
  • Sport type: Off-Road Bike and Mountain Bike.
  • Color: Fasthouse Matte Black/White.
  • Size: Available in all sizes.
  • Price:$235.95.


Bell engineers made it for people who like to adventure on mountainous roads, which are sometimes dangerous and require more protection.

Bell Full-9 Bike Helmet is an award-winning Moto-9 helmet.

It includes, among other features, the Eject Helmet Removal System and magnetic cheekpads.

Other components are soundtrack built-in speaker pockets, audio cable routing, and an integrated breakaway camera mount.

Amateurs and professionals in downhill and BMX say this strong helmet provides an unrivaled experience.

Besides, all types of Bell Full-9 Bike Helmets meet the most stringent ASTM Downhill Mountain Bike Racing standard.

They also meet the CPSC, and the bicycle helmet standards, making them worth buying.

Bell Full-9 Fusion Bike Helmet Mens

Key Features

Camera MountSeamless camera mount.
VentilationOverbrow Ventilation.
Color Fasthouse Matte Black/White.
SizeLarge (57- 59 cm).
Price $279.95.


This other award-winning moto helmet is an improved version of the previous one; it costs $279.95.

Bell Full-9 Fusion Bike Helmet grabbed one of the premium places in the top-rated full-face mountain bike helmets.

In addition to the features I have already mentioned when reviewing the previous helmet, this one integrates lightweight carbon shells and a wide field of view.

Its other crucial features are Breakaway Screws, overbrow ventilation intakes, Velocity Flow Ventilation, and Flying Bridge visors, to name a few.

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Bell Super Air R MIPS Bike Helmet Mens

10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets For Men

Key Features

Camera MountIntegrated Breakaway Camera Mount.
VentilationOverbrow Ventilation.
Color Matte/ Gloss Black.
SizeL (58 – 62 cm).
Price $279.95.


I will not talk too much about this Bell Super Air R MIPS Bike Helmet because the technology used to design and make it is similar to the previous helmet, apart from some minor changes.

Indeed, these top-rated mountain bike helmets cost the same price of $279.95, meaning they are almost similar.

You can use the link below to learn more about them and other mountain bike helmets.

It will bring you straight to the seller’s online store, where you will find helmets under parts and accessories.

Giro Compound MIPS Bike Helmet

Key Features

Camera Mount
Ventilation 18 vents.
Color Matte Black.
SizeXL (58 – 65 cm).
Price $69.95. 


Giro is a brand known for making bike helmets and selling them at affordable prices.

Of course, this brand’s helmets don’t have the same features as the others reviewed in this post, but you can also consider them if you have a tight budget.

Indeed, Giro Compound MIPS Bike Helmet includes a mold construction, Roc Loc Sport fit system, and an integrated impact protection system.

Besides, this mountain bike helmet also integrates other essential elements such as a removable visor entire hardbody shell, and 18 vents ventilation, and it costs $69.95 only. 

Smith Forefront 2 MIPS Bike Helmet

10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets For Men

Key Features

Ultimate Sunglass and Goggle Integration.
Ventilation. AirEvac Ventilation
Color Matte White.
SizeL (59 – 62 cm).
Price $240.00.


Sold at $240.00 and available in a matte white color, Smith Forefront 2 MIPS is another helmet to consider when mountain biking.

If you are an all-mountain rider with high-quality protection, eyewear integration, and ventilation requirements, this helmet is what you need.

In addition, to the above-mentioned vital features, the manufacturer has also extended the Smith Forefront 2 MIPS Bike Helmet by extending its back to encompass the helmet fully.

They have combined this helmet’s internal air channels with open intake and exhaust ports for maximizing ventilation.

The new Smith Forefront 2 MIPS Bike Helmet now has AirEvac channels that promote airflow to prevent fogging of your eyewear.

Other features you might be aware of are twenty optimized vents, a three-position adjustable visor, Google integration, ultimate sunglass, a lifetime warranty, etc.

Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Bike Helmet

Key Features

BrandTroy Lee Designs.
Camera Mount Unspecified.
Color Decoy/ Black.
Size M/L.
Price $169.00.


You will need to spend $160.00 if you choose Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Bike Helmet, available in a decoy black color.

Like other helmets reviewed on this page, this helmet was designed for comfort, safety, style, and excellent ventilation.

According to the manufacturer, this helmet was the first in Troy Lee Designs helmets to combine in one sleek package EPP that enables slow-speed impacts and EPS, which provides high-speed effects.

In other words, this helmet with a Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) will protect your head against all types of rational violence that may result from angled impacts.

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Fox Dropframe Pro Bike Helmet Mens

10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets For Men

Key Features

BrandFox Racing.
Ventilation8 Big Bore vents and seven exhaust vents.
Impact FoamVarizorb EPS liner.
Color Black.
SizeMedium (M).
Price $199.95.


Virginia Tech has rated the Fox Dropframe Pro Bike Helmet as one of the best open-face mountain bike helmets it has ever tested.

Therefore, this enduro helmet might suit you if you are a trail rider looking for a comfortable and super light MTB helmet.

You can ensure that it will protect your head correctly so that you can enjoy more bike riding fun.

We can name among its other vital components:

  • A robust, proven impact protection system (MIPS) aims to reduce rotational forces during a crash.
  • Fifteen vents will enable you to manage moisture and keep you cool.
  • A fixed visor causes maximum airflow.
  • Quick entry and exit thanks to this helmet’s Fidlock Snap buckle.
  • Some other additional pads that you can adjust at your wish.

POC Coron Air Spin Bike Helmet Mens

Key Features

Camera MountNew Ora mountain bike goggles for precision and seamless fit.
BreatheSuperior ventilation (innovative airflow and vent design ).
Color Moonstone Grey/ Uranium Black Matt.
Size XL/XXL.
Price $274.95. 


The Coron Air SPIN is the last one of the top 10 mountain bike helmets I want to bring to your attention.

POC has designed this helmet to provide the person who wears it with maximum performance protection.

Indeed, this manufacturer is known for using one of the best approaches when designing and producing high-end products with good performance and comfort.

The Coron Air SPIN helmet’s main components are optimized ventilation channels that maximize airflow at low and high speeds.

Not only will such optimized ventilation be your good companion throughout the day biking, but it will also come in handy when you make transfers between Enduro stages.

This helmet’s other crucial components are a silicone pad technology system.

It also has a multi-impact EPP liner coupled with a fiberglass shell to provide durability, high-impact performance, and the like.

Now that you have the necessary information about the top-rated helmets for mountain biking, you can use the link below to buy the most ideal for you.

Does helmet color matter for heat?

According to a recently published study, the cyclist’s helmet color can impact heat dissipation.

It was found that lighter-in-color helmets absorb less heat than those featured with dark colors.

Pick a light-colored exterior helmet if you want your head to stay cool in hot conditions, but also consider the material it is made from.

Some materials used to make helmets dissipate heat more than others hence the end to be cautious.

What color bicycle helmet is most visible?

According to many riders, wearing a white or brightly colored helmet is the best option because it enables other road users to see you and decreases the risks of accidents. 

Does a half helmet protect you?

As the name implies, a half helmet doesn’t offer complete protection because it only protects the head.

It leaves your face exposed, making it vulnerable to severe injuries when you fall or in case of collisions.

Of course, some individuals content themselves with wearing such helmets pretending they are better than nothing, but the best option is a full-face helmet.

The Final Words

This article about the Best Mountain Bike Helmets for men ends here.

These helmets are among the best currently available on the market and are sold at great prices compared to their benefits.

Wearing a suitable helmet when mountain biking makes you feel more comfortable.

When choosing an ideal helmet for mountain biking, you must consider specific criteria such as adjustable straps and fit.

Consider also the maximum impact protection, retention system, ventilation, weight, etc.

Fortunately, almost all these helmets feature these components, but the final choice on whether they are worth buying or not is yours.

Please ask questions or leave a comment on this page’s bottom if you wish.

We will reply as soon s possible.

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