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The 10 Best Folding Electric Bikes For Adults In The UK

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If you are looking for a convenient and efficient folding electric bike, this article overviews the ten best folding electric bikes for adults in the UK.

The convenience and versatility of folding electric bikes have made them the ideal options to move in urban areas and save money on public transportation.

We hope these insights will guide your purchase, whether you need a heavy-duty folding bike or something more lightweight.

Wisper 806 Folding Electric Bike

The 10 Best Folding Electric Bikes For Adults In The UK

Key Features

Frame16″ (40.6cm) Folding Alloy.
ForkWisper Lightweight Alloy.
MotorUprated Wisper High Efficiency, 250W.
Battery375Wh, 575Wh, 700Wh.
BrakesDisc Bake 180mm Front, 160mm Rear.
Tires20″ x 1.95 Puncture Resistant w/ Reflective Stripe.


This bike is among the cheapest folding electric bikes sold by Electric Rider across the United Kingdom. It costs £1,347.00.

The 806 Folding Wisper will enable you to cycle on different terrains, including hills, slopes, paths, routes, and roads in towns and cities.

It will all depend on where you live or want to go.

Besides, every family member can use Wisper 806 Folding Electric Bike because it is easily adjustable to suit all heights and sizes.

You can use this bike’s disc brakes and seven gears to control how you ride and easily travel a distance of approximately 85 miles.

Many people also like to buy electric folding bicycles because they can easily accommodate all storage places.

You can buy one if you don’t have enough storage space in your house, apartment, or office.

Juicy Bike Compact Plus Folding 250w

Key Features

FrameAluminum alloy Folding frame: 16.5″/42cm.
Motor250W 36V, Super silent.
Battery315 WH/8.8AH Li-Ion.
BrakesTektro Disk brake front and rear rim brake.
Wheels20″ extra double-walled solid rims.


The Juicy Bike Compact Plus Folding 250w is another of the best electric Folding bikes for people in the United Kingdom; it costs £1,517.00.

This adult folding bicycle features a smooth suspension, is lightweight to take with you, and is appropriate for individuals who want to cycle around the towns.

Other vital components of the Juicy Bike Compact Plus Folding 250w are a powerful front disk brake and a lighter suspension.

Also, this bike has handlebars that you can adjust to make it more comfortable for your round trips.

The manufacturer has even featured it with an 8-speed paddle shifter; you will easily select gears depending on how and where you are riding.

Last but not least, you can quickly bring this bike to all public transport means such as buses, metros, tramways, and trains.

It is also easy to range in your car’s boot and other pieces of stuff when you go on holiday.

Eskuta SF250 Electric Folding Bike

The 10 Best Folding Electric Bikes For Adults In The UK

Key Features

  • Frame: Patented cast aluminum frame.
  • Fork: Not specified.
  • Motor: High torque 250W motor with a pedal-assist system.
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion 36V Panasonic battery pack.
  • Brakes: Powerful front & rear disc brakes.
  • Wheels: Alloy wheels.
  • Price: £1,595.00.


With a stylish design and practicality, the

The Eskuta SF250 Electric Folding bike is the lightest available on the Electric Rider online store.

This 19kg weight bike differs from other folding bikes because it has some features you can only find on larger bikes.

I can name, among others, its front and rear disc brakes, unique patented scissor, easy Folding, unfolding mechanisms, etc.

Besides, the seller delivers the Eskuta SF250 Electric folding bike with a removable Panasonic lithium-ion battery practical for charging.

You can speak to one of the Electric Rider’s expert teams if you want to learn more about its range of bikes or need help selecting the most ideal for you.

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Neomouv EFOLDING 16″ SKY 252Wh

Key Features

FrameAluminum 6061 T6.
Engine TypeFront-wheel engine.
Battery252 Wh.
BrakesMechanical disk.


It has an LCD screen, light steering, adjustable height stem, ergonomic handlebars with good support, and resistant tires.

This bike also integrates support wheels, an in-frame battery, and many other features that make it more maneuverable, easy to carry, off public transport, and store.

It costs £1,623.00, and many customers find the price reasonable compared to how poweful is this folding commuter electric bike.

MBM E-Funk Move 20″ Mid Drive 250W

The 10 Best Folding Electric Bikes For Adults In The UK

Key Features

FrameAlloy 6061 20″ Plus Hydroforming.
ForkSuntour Suntour XCT – DS – Plus 20.
MotorOLI Move One 50 nm.
BatteryPhylion SF-06S 36V, 11,6 Ah, 418 Wh.
BrakesShimano Br-M315 Hydraulic.
TiresVee Rubber 20×3.00 Reflex Line.


The essential feature of this small and compact MBM E-Funk Move 20″ Mid Drive 250W Folding bike is the 50nm motor.

And a 1.6amp lithium battery works in synergy to make it more powerful to eat up the hills.

This bike also comes in an alloy frame, Suntour XCT fork, Shimano Br-M315 Hydraulic brakes, and other excellent components.

It will help arrange an online appointment with one of the company’s sales representatives if you find it challenging to choose an ideal folding bike.

You can also use the link on this page to go to the seller’s online store, where you will find all types of these bikes.

Learn more about each theme, select the one you like and purchase it.

EOVOLT Afternoon 20″ 250W Folding Bike

Key Features

FrameHydraulic 160mm Disc Brake.
ForkSuspension Fork.
BatterySamsung Lithium.
BrakesHydraulic 160mm Disc Brake.
Wheel Size20″.


You can buy this lightweight, ultra-compact electric bike if you like to camp, are a boat owner, are a city committer, or simply for family use.

This multi-purpose and adventure bike will enable you to get around the town for a range of up to 100 km round trip without recharging the battery.

Also, the Eovolt folds bike has a larger frame and 20″ wheels with wide tires.

You can even attach your bags to the rear pannier rack or anything you want to bring along on the trip.

Besides, it is possible to keep this bike in your car’s boot or range it easily at work or in your apartment. You will be amazed at how small and discreet it is.

However, all these flexibilities and conveniences come with a price because you must pay £2,099.00.

But it is a bargain if you can afford the money.

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Axon Pro Max 7Amp Electric Folding Bike

The 10 Best Folding Electric Bikes For Adults In The UK

Key Features

FrameHigh-tech magnesium alloy frame.
Maximum Speed15.5 mph / 25kmph.
Motor250W Electric Motor.
Battery capacity36V – 7Ah (Lithium-Ion battery).
Disc BrakesHydraulic.
Wheel Size16″.
Price £2,277.00.


When designing Axon Pro Max 7Amp Electric Folding Bike, the manufacturer wanted to satisfy the needs of people who like to adventure using poweful bicycles regularly.

This foldable adventurer electric bike has a bigger motor than most others of the same type.

It also has a battery with a longer life, making it convenient to move away from home to explore the cities and out in the countryside.

This bike is also:

  • Transport friendly because you can easily fold and carry it on and off public transport.
  • Thanks to its compact size, it is easy to store at home and in the office.
  • Compactable to carry in a briefcase (it weighs only 15 kg).
  • It is featured a poweful electric motor that will enable you to ride at high speed for longer distances using less energy.
  • With a frame that will make your ride an enjoyable experience.

Tern Vektron Q9 G2 Folding Electric Bike Blue

Key Features

FrameVektron G2 Frame.
ForkTern Tarsus, 6061-Al, hydroformed.
MotorBosch Active Line, 36 V/250 W.
BatteryBosch PowerPack 400 Wh.
Speed9 Speed.
Tires Schwalbe Big Apple, 55-406.


These Bosch bikes have everything you need to ride on all terrains conveniently. Electric Ride sells five types of Tern Folding Electric Bikes.

The price range from £3,300.00 to £8,400.00, making them the best folding electric bikes on the market.

Indeed, the manufacturer has featured the Tern Vektron Q9 G2 Folding Electric Bike.

And other similar with improved geometry, a silent motor, a sturdy rack, and other premium components.

Bosch has also featured these bikes with a new frame, a reclining battery, and hydraulic disc brakes to make them more poweful and ideal for all-weather.

You can even resize your bike in seconds to fit your height.

Contact customer care if you want the seller’s expert team to advise you on purchasing the right bike.

The 10 Best Folding Electric Bikes For Adults In The UK

Tern HSD S+ Electric Bike

Key Features

FrameTern HSD, 6061-AL, patented design.
ForkSuntour custom for Tern, 1.5″.
MotorBosch Performance (Gen 3), max speed 25 kph (EU).
BatteryBosch PowerPack 500.
ChargerBosch Standard Charger.
Tires Schwalbe Big Ben, 55-406, RaceGuard puncture protection.


I will not talk too much about this bike because it is similar to the previous one, except that the manufacturer has improved some features to make it more powerful.

Indeed, the Tern HSD S+ Electric Bike’s motor features a next-generation Bosch motor of high performance.

This bike also has an Intuvia display and a 500 Wh battery to enable you to ride up to 74 miles or 118 km.

It also has automatic shifting, a custom Suntour suspension fork, MT4 hydraulic disc brakes, a child seat you can use without adapters, etc. It costs £5,400.00.

Tern GSD R14 Electric Bike

The 10 Best Folding Electric Bikes For Adults In The UK

Key Features

FrameTern GSD, 6061-AL, patented MultiTruss design.
ForkSuntour custom for Tern, 1.5″ tapered Chromoly steerer.
MotorBosch Cargo Line, 400% Assist.
BatteryBosch Dual Battery system, 1000 Wh.
Speed1 x 14.
TiresSchwalbe Big Ben Plus, 55-406.


The last folding electric bike I want to bring to your attention is the “Tern GSD R14 Electric Bike 2021,” from the same family as the previous two.

However, it is heavier (200 kg or 440 lb maximum weight) and features a more poweful Bosch cargo motor that provides up to 85 Nm of torque and 400% support.

Tern GSD R14 also integrates a bosch dual battery ( 1000 Wh), which is more than two times more potent than the previous bikes.

This fantastic battery will enable you to cycle up to 128 miles or 206 km.

The Tern GSD R14 Electric Bike also has many other innovative features such as electronic shifting, automatic downshifting, 526% gear range, etc.

It is a bike each individual who wants to ride long distances comfortably would like to invest in their money. It costs you £8,400.00.

You can use the banner below to go to the Electric Rider’s online store, check all the available folding electric bikes, choose the most convenient for you and buy it.

Electric Rider delivers quickly across the UK and has a vast network of electronic mobility engineers.

They will ensure your bike’s warranty and service in your home or office’s comfort.

In addition, you will have 14 days to return the purchased bike without incurring the return shipping fee if it does not satisfy you.

Are folding electric bikes heavy?

Folding electric bikes typically weigh thirty to forty pounds, but you can also pick a folding mountain bike weighing from forty to seventy pounds, depending on your riding needs. 

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Is a folding bike harder to ride?

It depends on the person because one can find it challenging to ride a folding bike while it is easy for someone else.

For example, you might find these bicycles more convenient to handle than standard bikes if you are a small rider.

But be aware that such bicycles equipped with small wheels are not as smooth as mountain bikes on bumps, rocky terrain, and the like.

Is a folding bike good for long distances?

Yes, you can use a folding bike for long distances, even if such bicycles are more appropriate for getting around the city.

These bikes are compact, lightweight, easy to carry and store, and suitable for pedaling for extended distances.

Such flexibility makes them ideal to range in your car or take with you on public transportation and use when you arrive at the destination.

Final thoughts

The folding electric bikes presented in this article result from a careful analysis of several models, but they are not the only ones because the industry has many others.

These options are convenient and comfortable for commuting to work, leisure rides around town, running errands, and the like.

That’s all we can say about the ten best folding electric bikes for adults in the UK, and we hope you will find the most suitable one.

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  1. This article includes a fair amount of information about foldable electric bikes. The cost alone makes me think about how powerful and excellent they are.

    I can see that the Tern GSD is the best of them, but only people with enough financial means can afford to buy this bike. I will definitely stick with the ‘Whisper’ brand. 


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