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Steel Frame Gravel Bikes Review

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Based in Minnesota, Framed Bikes is a company that sells a good range of bikes, including the gravel ones, as we will see in this Steel Frame Gravel bikes review. 

I will give you detailed information about this company’s five best Gravel bikes.

We will see their critical technical specifications, description, and how much they cost to help you make the right choice. 

1. Basswood Carbon Gravel Bike

Steel Frame Gravel Bikes Review

Basswood Carbon Gravel Specifications

FramedFRAMED Full Carbon.
ForkFRAMED Full Carbon, 142×12 T.A., 700×47 tire capacity,
ChainFSA Team Issue 11 speed.
Tires Maxxis Rambler 700×40
Size 61 cm.

If you like to enjoy the good times by adventuring in long-haul cycling, the Basswood Carbon Gravel Bike is the best choice for you.

The manufacturers of this bike have featured it with a dropped chainstay of up to 700 x 47 increased tire clearance.

Also, this bike features a thru-axle front and rear combination that keep the U.D. carbon frame and fork stiff.

The thru-axle will enable your bike to stay confident when you ride on challenging and zesty paths.

Another critical component of the Basswood Carbon Gravel Bike is its 435mm chainstay.

The bike manufacturers have combined this 435mm chainstay with the tall headtube and 67mm bb.

You will ride with all confidence and enjoy a super dependable tracking ride.

In addition, this bike has a compliant seat that will provide you with increased comfort and reduced force on the rear 1/3 of the cycle.

I will end this brief description by telling you that the Basswood Carbon Gravel Bike also has hidden fender mounts front and rear.

Also, you will find a bottle braze at the top of this bike, the main triangle, and the underside of the down tube.

Towards the end of this article, I will provide a link that will take you to Framed Bikes’ official website.

You will then use the link to learn more about this brand’s range of bikes and purchase the one you like.  

It can help if you want to purchase a mountain bike for hunting the mountains and enjoying the beauty of nature conveniently.

2. Framed V.F. Beach Cruiser Bike

Steel Frame Gravel Bikes Review

The seller doesn’t provide the technical specification of this bike except that it is available in black and grey colors. 

It will cost you $279.99 or less, depending on whether there are some discounts on promotions.

This cheap bike is for people who want to ride around their neighborhoods comfortably and confidently in their leisure time.

It has a steel frame outfitted with a coaster brake rear wheel that will enable you to consistently and straightforwardly stop whenever needed.

You will be happy to notice that this Framed V.F. Beach Cruiser Bike features 26″ cruiser wheels.

Also, it has puncture-resistant tires that enable you to enjoy and smooth the ride.

This bike’s other essential component is a deep swoop cruiser handlebars that will enable you always to have complete control of your bicycle and a relaxed upright riding position. 

Besides being ideal for around-town and enabling you to enjoy the simplicity of commuting, these types of bikes are also easy to maintain.

However, if you like to climb or cross mountains by bike, avoid purchasing this bike.

Indeed, the Framed V.F. Beach Cruiser Bike can limit your capabilities on hilly mountains because they have designed it for urban adventures. 

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3. Basswood Titanium Gravel Bike

Steel Frame Gravel Bikes Review

Basswood Titanium Gravel Specifications

FramedFRAMED Titanium, 142×12 TA, 700×47.
ForkFRAMED Full Carbon, 100x15mm T.A., 700×47 tire capacity.
ChainFSA Team Issue 11 speed.
Tires Maxxis Rambler 700×40.
Weight21 lbs 5 oz, 54cm size

Titanium Gravel Bikes have become so popular that many people in the United States and other countries like Australia and Canada are rushing to buy them.

This premium bike is vital for a compliant ride, has a sleek good look, and will enable you to enjoy a drop-bar off-road foray.

The bike has a large 700 by 47 upstanding clearance so one can keep riding for a long abscond, security, value, significant events, and a new degree of fun.

On the seller’s official website, there are positive reviews from customers saying that this bike is of incredible value, has excellent original wheels, has good brakes, etc.

Also, you can customize this bike at your convenience and make it one of the best comfortable and shreddable road bikes. 

4. Gravier Carbon Gravel Bike 700C

Gravier Carbon Gravel Bike 700C

Gravier Carbon Grave Specifications

FramedFRAMED High Modulus Carbon Fiber frame 142x12mm.
ForkCarbon fork with tapered carbon steerer 1-1/8″ to 1-1/2″ 100x15mm.
ChainFSA Team 11 spd.
Tires Maxxis Rambler, 700×40 folding bead.
Weight Not specified.
Price $1,599.95.

The company that manufactures these bikes is located near St. Paul, Iowa, where a vast land of gravel roads lies.

At that place, there would be around 68,000 miles where people can virtually car-free riding.

In other words, having an ideal bike is a must for many people living in that location.

For this reason, the manufacturers of Gravier Carbon Gravel Bike 700C decided to design a bike that you can use to overlook these roads easily.

Indeed, this bike has a lower bottom bracket designed to enhance stability in loose corners.

It also features a longer wheelbase that lets you control the long haul and stay comfortable when riding.

In a few words, this bike features everything you need to ride far and long with assurance.

You will enjoy its 700 x 47 tire clearance that allows for more cushion for crushing all terrains. 

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5. Course Carbon Gravel Bike

Course Carbon Gravel Bike

Course Carbon Gravel Specifications

  • Framed High Modulus Carbon Fiber frame 142x12mm.
  • Carbon fork with tapered carbon steerer 1-1/8″ to 1-1/2″ 100x15mm.
  • Chain: FSA Team 11 spd.
  • Tires: Maxxis Mud Wrestler, 700×33 folding bead.
  • Weight: Unspecified.
  • Price: $1,899.95.

This bike’s technical specifications are similar to the previous one, with a few exceptions.

You can use a link on this page to learn more about both bikes. Also, they differ in price because this one costs USD 1,899.95. 

Another difference is that the Course Carbon gravel bike has a hybrid geometry.

This geometry makes it one of the best race-ready cross bikes and gravel road bikes.

Many people prefer to buy the Course Carbon Gravel Bike instead of the Gravier Carbon gravel bike because they can easily use it on different terrains.

This bike’s lightweight frame can make you think it is not as performant as you would like, but it is not real.

In a nutshell, this bike will enable you to ride quickly over gravel and rough roads. You will be happy to dish out hours of comfortable and smooth riding.

That is all I had to tell you about the Steel Framed Gravel Bikes sold by this company.

You can now use the link below to go to its online store and purchase the one you like.

The Shipping and Returns


Framed Bikes, the seller of these bicycles, ships to 48 U.S. States through FedEx.

However, FedEx doesn’t deliver these types of items to P.O. Boxes. You must provide a physical address.

If your order weighs less than 5 lbs or has a value of less than $200, you will receive it by USPS or FedEx.

You will not pay the shipping fee, but remember to provide a physical address to avoid inconvenience.

Also, it could be that your bike comes with minor cosmetic blemishes caused by the nature of shipping these products.

Contact customer support immediately if you have issues ((significant damage, no receipt, etc.) concerning your delivery.


You can return the ordered bike for a full refund within 30 days of delivery, provided that you have not used it.

If you have purchased other items from this company, such as bike accessories, you can return them within 90 days of delivery.

On this company’s website, you will find a return form to fill in the required information if you want to initiate a return.

Is steel frame good for gravel bikes?

Steel frames are suitable for gravel bikes because of their durability and strength to stand up to the rigors of off-road riding. They can also absorb vibrations from bumpy terrain, resulting in a smooth ride.

Why do gravel bikes have no suspension?

The essential reason is gravel bikes are typically for riding on gravel surfaces not as rough as singletrack or downhill trails,

These bikes also don’t have suspensions because they can add weight while cyclists might carry their bicycles over obstacles.

In addition, suspensions can make it challenging to ride on rough terrain because they can absorb some of the energy the rider would use to power the bike forward.

Can I use a gravel bike as a mountain bike?

Of course, it is possible to use a gravel bike as a mountain bike because these bikes are suitable for riding on unpaved terrain.

Manufacturers of gravel bikes feature them with wider tires, making them ideal for riding on rough roads or trails.

What makes gravel bikes different from mountain bikes is that MTBs have suspension systems that empower them to absorb shock and are suitable for riding on uneven terrain.

However, it is better to pick a mounatin bike featured with suspension if you are a serious mountain biker.

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The Final Thoughts

The Steel Frame Gravel bikes review ends here. We hope you will find this information helpful.

These steel-frame road bikes are among the best currently available. 

In addition, the Framed Bikes company sells mountain bikes, FAT bikes, BMX bikes, etc.

You can even purchase accessories such as helmets, parts, wheels, and lots more.

Just use the link provided in the previous section to go to its online store and browse bikes or any other product by category.

You will then select the items you like and purchase them. You will receive your order quickly.

Please ask questions or leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

We will ensure to get back to you as soon as possible. 

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  1. I like the incredible mountain bikes you have listed here, but out of all of them, I would choose the Titanium bike because it has a much stronger frame than the steel that most bikes are made of.

    It is worthwhile to spend a little more on a mountain bike, mainly if you use it often. Ensure to purchase the best bike that will withstand a lot of rough riding.


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