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QuietKat Ranger Electric Bike Review

Last Updated on November 4, 2022 by Emmanuel

Are you looking for a way to explore the wild without damaging the environment? Well, relax and read this post that reviews one of the best mountain bikes available.

Whether you want to broaden your exploration for hunting expeditions, remote touring, or just enjoying the wildlife, try the QuietKat Ranger electric bike to reach your goals.

The QuietKat Ranger is a fat tire electric hardtail bike with a powerful motor capable of traveling further into the great outdoors.

QuietKat sells two other models alongside the QuietKat Ranger, the Apex, and Warrior mountain bikes.

But the QuietKat Ranger is the best pick for those looking for their first hunting electric bikes.

It has five levels of assistance and options for the front suspension.

Quietkat Ranger e-Bike key features

The information I have gathered about this bike shows many features that will give you an enjoyable experience riding off the grid.

QuietKat Ranger Electric Bike Review

Integrated battery and motor system

The Ranger uses an integrated 48V/11.6Ah Panasonic battery and offers a 48 miles drive under ideal conditions on a single battery charge.

So, assuming that you cycle 40 miles a day (the average person can cycle 40 to 60 miles a day), you could cover 80 plus miles daily.

I think hunting expeditions are enough to bring home a big catch.

You can also get an extra compatible battery or more to cover more range.

Do not use a mid-drive motor to lessen the need for drivetrain and hub-drive motor maintenance.

Instead, use a hub motor of a mid-drive motor to prolong the drivetrain and hub-drive motor lifespan.

Powerful hub-drive motor

The poweful hub drive motor provides power to the rear wheel with the available options of either 750 or 1000 watts.

This motor is independent of the chain, so its power will stay consistent regardless of your gear position. 

You can enjoy a speed above 20 mph that will take you anywhere while feeling the wind wipe off the sweat on your face.

750W motor is more than enough to achieve 20 mph in a few seconds for most riders.

However, if you want to feel the oomph while tackling steep hills and more challenging terrains, the 1000W is the best option.

Better frame and geometry

The frame that the Ranger uses is a lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy. The material is durable and lighter than a steel frame.

This frame gives better performance. If you maintain it well, you don’t have to worry about rust on your bike frame.

The Ranger also has a pannier rack that takes up to 325 lbs worth of weight.

You can take all the gear you need for your adventure because updated geometry improves this electric bike’s handling.

Besides, the QuietKat has also included the adjustable dropouts option for choosing between a single-speed and 7-speed SRAM drivetrain.

Quietkat also has a range of cargo trailers single, wheel all-terrain, from which you can choose the most suitable for your mountain hunting needs.

QuietKat Ranger Electric Bike Review

Disc brakes

The designers of QuietKat electric bikes don’t manage means regarding security measures.

The Ranger bike features Tektro two-piston mechanical disc brakes of a 203mm disc rotor.

Indeed, the large disc rotor will give you more confidence and control over all types of mountain terrains.

Don’t worry if you have a big catch because the Ranger’s stopping power is excellent even when it carries a heavy load.

The maintenance and reparation of Tektro two-piston mechanical disc brakes are easy. So, you can be biking through the wilderness with ease at heart.

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Fat tires

Fat tires allow you to explore the great outdoors in any season. They offer stability and traction over sand, snow, hardpack rocks, and roots.

You can ensure that the poweful fat tires installed on your Ranger electric bike will enable you to explore the limitless ground.

The Ranger uses the Kenda Juggernaut 26″ x 4.5″ tires, one of the best fat tires money can buy.

In brief, you can expect these lightweight tires to provide peak traction and shock absorption on any trail.

Mozo coil suspension fork

When you talk about hardtail bikes, suspension is one of the most important things to consider.

The Ranger features the Mozo Coil suspension fork with 100mm of travel.

With this bike suspension, your riding experience will be smooth, even on the most challenging terrains.

The Mozo Coil suspension fork performs better than the more expensive suspensions.

Also, the coil is reliable, simple in maintenance, comfortable, and can survive overheating.

The Mozo Coil is the better pick for overall performance than other fork suspensions in this price range.


How can you monitor your speed, travel distance, battery life, and more? The answer to that question is an LCD.

The Ranger features a display positioned in the center of the handlebars. It is easy to read in daylight, even more at night.

QuietKat Ranger weighs 65 lbs on average and is available in three sizes: 15.5″, 17″, and 19″ frames.

The overall weight of the QuietKat Ranger is 65 lbs, and it comes in three sizes: 15.5″, 17″, and 19″ frames.

The Ranger has two color codes: Sandstone and Veil Poseidon Dry Camo. So you can pick the size and color that fits you best.

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QuietKat Ranger pros and cons

After reading about the main features that the Ranger has to offer, you might still be wondering if this bike is worth investing your money in or not.

Now, to give you more confidence in deciding whether or not to buy the Ranger, here are some must-know facts:


  • The Ranger is easy to control when you ride on rough terrains and is perfect for hunting because it has a quiet motor.
  • The bike has a powerful motor that you can tackle steep hills easily.
  • You can also ride the bike off-road fast.
  • This bike features fat tires, which enable the owner to ride across the slushy, muddy, and snowy terrain.
  • The Ranger mostly came with 95% assembled, but the assembly is easy and fast.
  • The torque can carry heavy loads like hunting gear and carcasses.
  • Also, this bike comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and one year warranty on components.


Of course, it can vary from individual, but some people say that this bike’s mudguards are not as wide and long.

If you have the same fillings, you can buy third-party mudguards.

It will also help if you buy a compatible rapid charger that reduces the charging time from four to five hours instead of one that charges between six and eight hours long.

Besides, It is worth mentioning that the QuietKat Ranger electric bike comes in two types, meaning that you have two alternatives. 

Quietkat Ranger 5.0 Electric Bike

QuietKat Ranger Electric Bike Review

The Ranger 5.0 is the newer type that uses a 500watt hub-drive motor and is cheaper than the original Ranger.

However, even though this bike is not as poweful as the other one. It is also of good quality, especially if you can’t afford the original version of the range bike.

It indeed features a combination of a 500W hub-drive motor with a downtube-integrated 48V/9.6Ah battery that is powerful enough to cover up to 40 miles range per charge.

Unlike the original Ranger, the Ranger 5.0 comes in three levels assist and throttle. This bike also features single-speed gearing, making it simple and easy to use.

However, the Ranger 5.0 is not a hardtail bike as it has a rigid fork that comes in one size only.

It is also worth mentioning that the Ranger 5.0 doesn’t have an integrated pannier rack, but you can install this pannier on it.

The pannier rack will perfectly fit because this bike has 325 lbs load capacity so that you can carry all you want during your mountain bike adventure.

How fast does a QuietKat Ranger go?

The average speed of a QuietKat Ranger is 20 miles per hour, but this electric mountain can run at a 30-mile maximum speed an hour.

The assist level governs the top speed that the rider chooses. The motor provides enough power at the highest assist level to allow the rider to go as fast as they can pedal.

However, be careful when using this bike because the battery life suffers when riding at top speed.

It will help if you keep chek=cking the battery level and avoid pushing the bike too hard if you want to maximize its range.

Do you have to pedal a QuietKat bike?

QuietKat e-bikes are equipped with powerful engines and batteries, but they are still bicycles meaning you need to make some pedaling on steep hills. 

How long does a QuietKat battery last?

You can typically expect a QuietKat battery to last anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 charge cycles.

That means your QuietKat battery should last 1,500 to 3,000 hours if we consider an average of 1.5 hours of ride time per charge cycle.

That’s equivalent to 10 to 20 years, typical for people who only ride their QuietKat mounatin bikes for a few hours per week.

The Final thoughts

Let’s end the QuietKat Ranger electric bike review here; hoping you will find this information helpful.

If you are a beginner in mountain biking, the Ranger is a good option because it offers many features.

This hunting bike can ride across the great outdoors, is silent, powerful, and available at a great price.

It is also a perfect choice because QuietKat specializes in hunting bikes with years of experience.

Please ask questions or comment at the bottom of this page if you wish.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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