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BMC Fourstroke 01 Two Mountain Bike Review

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If you are looking for a mountain bike with technical advancements, you might want to look at the BMC Fourstroke 01 Two mountain bike review.  

The BMC company dedicates to designing and producing high-quality and performance bikes from leisure, road, and mountain bikes.

This review will give you the technical specifications of this bike and some other details. I will also give you another choice to help you make the right purchase.

What does BMC bike stand for?

BMC stands for “Bike Manufacturing Company,” and this Swiss-based brand’s sole purpose is to build bicycles, which is what they do best.

According to the owners, they are one of the best bike manufacturers in the world, and they are not wrong.

Whenever you go to a bike race, you will undoubtedly see BMC bikes. Many racers have become fans of BMC bicycles and ride them on countless race events.

Besides that, some of the best athletes in the world even sport BMC bikes to win the most prestigious bike races.

Those athletes who use BMC imply that the brand has done the job successfully. They also promise always to stay committed to BMC’s range of bicycles.

BMC is as popular as Cannondale, another company that manufactures the best bikes for the famous Tour de France.

Now that you know more about BMC as a company, it is time to look at one of its most popular bikes.

Where are BMC mountain bikes made?

BMC has a long history of making high-quality bicycles from Switzerland. Its mountain bikes are known for their durability and performance and are popular among professional and amateur cyclists.

BMC Fourstroke 01 Two

BMC Fourstroke 01 Two Mountain Bike Review

If you are searching for a cross-country bike that will serve you better on races, a pretty revolutionary BMC Fourstroke 01 two is your choice. 

The Fourstroke 01 Two is sporting a full carbon frame with 100mm of travel front and rear.

This flagship XC bike from BMC has taken several racers to podiums at World Cup. It is the future of cross-country mountain bikes. 

Key Specifications 

FrameFourstroke 01 Premium Carbon with APS Suspension System,
ForkFox Float 34 SC Performance.
Rear ShockFox Float DPS Performance.
Front BrakeSRAM Level TL / SRAM Centerline Rotors.
Front TireMaxxis Rekon 2.4″ WT, TR, EXO.
CranksetSRAM X1 Eagle Carbon.

The Bike Description

With a bicycle featured with such specifications, you have a good chance to leave other racers behind in any cross-country race. 

Once at your disposal, the last thing you need to do is train your muscle and skill to pedal towards the finish line.

BMC has featured the Fourstroke 01 LT with top-end components that will enable you to roll as fast as possible until you cross the finish line before your competitors.

Besides, this mountain bike comes with a 120mm suspension and other lightweight components to hit the trails the way you like.

In a few words, if you are serious about your racecourse and want to achieve the fixed goals confidentially, the Fourstroke 01 LT Two is what you need.

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The Bike’s Geometry

The bike has a slack head tube angle of 67.5 degrees that works together with a shorter stem for faster and more technical descents. 

Having a slacker head tube means that the fork sticks out farther, resulting in a more stable ride on the bike at high-speed. A slacker head tube angle also means slower handling.

You can’t have a bike with both high-speed stability and responsiveness.

Instead, you will have one more prominent over the other because of the head tube angle.

Fortunately, BMC Fourstroke 01 two successfully balances the two to provide you with the most out of the bike as a rider.

This bike puts together the right combination of geometry to achieve the handling and rideability of 29er bikes.

It includes the slackest head tube angle possible on an XC bike, a short stem, a wide handlebar, and a long fork offset.

Moreover, the Fourstroke mountain bike features a 35mm BB drop to enhance stability.

You can find this BMC mountain bike and many others from big brands at Mike’s Bikes online shop.

Alternative To Fourstroke 01 Two

Now, let’s talk about another alternative to this bike to help you choose the most ideal for your riding needs.

To experience all features that the Fourstroke has to offer, you will need to pay $6,999.99.

However, if you are looking for an alternative, the best one I propose to you is a hardtail bike called BMC Twostroke 01 Three.

This bike is much more affordable because you can get it at $3,599.99, but don’t worry!

The Twostroke is also carefully geared up with precision and made with technical advancements.

It is also from the BMC company mountain bikes lineup. You can find its essential details below.

Twostroke 01 Three Mountain Bike

BMC Fourstroke 01 Two Mountain Bike Review
  • Frame: BMC Twostroke 01 Premium Carbon, 12x148mm Boost thru-axle.
  • Fork: RockShox Reba RL, 100mm travel.
  • Handlebar: BMC MFB01 Carbon, 760mm width.
  • Drivetrain: SRAM GX Eagle, 12-speed, 34T Crankset, 10-52T Cassette/
  • Rim: DT Swiss X 1900 29″, 25mm inner width.
  • Tire: Vittoria Barzo 29” x 2.25”, tubeless-ready.
  • Price: $3,599.99.


Right off the bet, you will notice that the Twostroke uses a premium carbon frame that makes the bike lightweight, stiff, and strong.

With that power, you can attack any terrain with confidence. A 100mm travel fork will also offer more oomph on rocks, roots, hills, and descents.

Moreover, the 29-inch wheels provide better traction as more rubber parts touch the ground.

The Twostroke has 67 degrees head tube angle, a long front end, and 75 degrees seat tube angle.

That translates to a perfect weight distribution while hitting steep and loose terrains. However, you will get a slower steering response as it uses 67 degrees head tube angle.

A slacker head tube angle tends to have heavier handling, but on the other hand, this makes a slacker angle so stable.

The Twostroke also features internal cable routing to make it looks clean. An integrated fork stopper for increased stiffness in a straight downtube design.  

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The Final Thoughts 

The Bicycle Manufacturing Company (BMC) is one of the best high-quality mountain bikes worldwide.

You can invest confidentially in the Fourstroke 01 LT Two if you want to become an XC racer and have money to spend.  

The money you spend will translate to a bike that can carry you over all types of terrains and enjoy your time alone, with family or friends.

Several professional riders use BMC bikes, and most are always on podiums as winners in various competitions.

In addition to Fourstroke 01 LT Two and Twostroke 01, Mike’s Bike also sells many other types of mountain bikes.

You can, for example, buy a cross country, a trail, and downhill, a dirty jump, or an electric mountain bike.

The provided link will take you to this retailer’s online store to check all the bicycles, parts in accessories it offers.

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  1. What a great review of the BMC Fourstroke 01? You lay out all of the technical specifications of this bike, but I am a bit of a layperson when it comes to mountain biking and still have some questions.

    Would the BMC Fourstroke 01 be a convenient bike for the Arizona landscape with lots of dirt, rocks, and very rugged terrains?


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