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BMC Bikes USA Dealers – The Best Of The Year

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It is easy to become a fan of BMC bikes, but finding the ideal BMC bikes USA dealers to purchase this company’s bicycle can be challenging. 

Indeed, there is a chance that you will face difficulty in finding the bike you are looking for.

That is why we have gathered a list of the five best BMC bike dealers across the USA to help you find your dream BMC bike.

Conte’s Bike Shop

This BMC bikes dealer has a long history of selling bicycles to boast; Charles R. Conte, Sr. opened this shop in 1957

Conte knew bicycles so well and made sure his shop only sold high-quality bikes that he could personally guarantee.

So, customers were provided with excellent buying experiences. By keeping that commitment, Conte’s Bike Shop has grown to be a reliable bike shop that you can rely on.

In 2014, David Conte and Wayne Souzathey launched Conte Bicycle Group.

Moreover, they opened stores in other U.S. states like Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Not only Conte’s Bike Shop has made efforts to get close to you, but the shop also made its name as a 10-time winner of the “Top 100 Best Bicycle Retailers” in the U.S.

It got awards from the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA). So, if you are looking for a BMC bike, give Conte’s Bike Shop a shot!

Conte’s Bike Shop BMC Lineup

You can find about 52 products from BMC available in Conte’s Bike Shop. Based on your biking style, there are lots of models and builds that you can choose from.

You can find about 52 products from BMC available in Conte’s Bike Shop. You can find about 52 products from BMC available in Conte’s Bike Shop.

This company has a few BMC Mountain Bikes available:

BMC Bikes USA Dealers
  • Fourstroke 01 L.T. one.
  • Twostroke variants/
  • Blast 27

Moreover, you have massive options of BMC Road Bikes, including Roadmachine, Teammachine, URS, UnReStricted, and Track machine variants and frames.

For commuter or urban bikes, Conte’s Bike shop has Alphenchallenge variants to offer.

Conte’s Bike Shop Pros

  • As one of the best bicycle retailers in the country, Conte’s Bike Shop provides dozens of services that you can enjoy.
  • After purchasing a BMC bike from the shop, you will get free bike adjustments for a year.
  • The adjustments include brake spacing, gear indexing, hub bearings, bottom bracket bearings, and headset bearings.
  • The shop allows you to try a bike before you buy it. You will have 48 hours to try a bike with fellow riders on your local trail.
  • The shop provides other options to ensure a bike suits you best.

Besides what is mentioned above, Conte’s Bike Shop has “The Conte’s Precision Fit” with RETÜL and a three-step Precision Frame Finder Fit.

Both technics will ensure you find your ideal riding position and optimized comfort on any bike.

Saving money is not that easy. There is always something that needs extra money. Fortunately, Conte’s Bike Shop has a solution for you.

If somehow you have difficulties saving money to buy your dream BMC bike, Conte’s Bike Shop has payment plans for every budget.

So, you can enjoy your bike in no time with low payment plans. How about that?

Mike’s Bikes

It is impossible not to include Mike’s Bikes on this list of the BMC bike dealers near you in the U.S.

Indeed, Mike’s Bikes has a long history as a bike dealer. It was founded in 1964 as one of the first Schwinn shops in Marin County.

With half of a century’s experience selling bikes, the people behind it surely know all the details you need to know about all types of bikes. 

If you are planning to purchase a BMC bike from one of Mike’s Bikes stores, do not hesitate to ask them anything related to bicycles to get one that suits you best.

Mike’s Bikes has professional employees of over 250 people. They all make sure that they only hire bike enthusiasts.

So they can give you the best experiences in the stores while giving you insights to get the best out of your bike. 

If you do not know what BMC model to choose, tell the staff the details of your riding style, and they will guide you to pick the right bike.

Mike’s Bikes has twelve stores scattered across California, no matter where you are in the state. You would not need to go far to visit one of Mike’s Bikes stores. 

You can find Mike’s Bikes stores in one these cities: Petaluma, San Rafael, Sausalito, and San Francisco.

Moreover, Mike’s Bikes has shops in Berkeley, Palo Alto, Los Gatos, Sacramento, Walnut Creek, San Jose, Pleasanton, and Folsom.

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Mike’s Bikes BMC Lineup

BMC Bikes USA Dealers

This dealer has a total of 23 BMC products available to purchase. Depending on your style, the dealer has a lineup of BMC bikes, from mountain to electric.

A mountain bike enthusiast, Mike’s Bikes has several models like Fourstroke 01 L.T. two, Twostroke, and Blast 27 variants.

Besides, this one of the best BMC bicycles dealers also sells many road bikes from brands including Cannondale, Giant, and Santa Cruz.

You can find other bike brands on Mike’s Bikes: Juliana, Liv, Salsa Cycles, Public, Specialized, etc.

For example, you can pick a BMC electric bike to cover more mileage on your riding trip.

Mike’s bikes can offer you the Alphenchallenge AMP sport three. And for an urban bike, opt for the Alphenchallenge.

Mike’s Bikes Pros

Not only does Mike’s Bikes have such an interesting BMC lineup, but the stores also offer many advantages.

Purchasing a bike from Mike’s Bikes means you get 30 days of chances to return your bike if you want it (terms and conditions may apply). 

To be eligible for returns, ensure your bike is in good condition with the original packaging, manuals, and accessories.

Don’t forget to save your original receipt, which you will need for returns.

Mike’s Bikes have several UPS shipping options that you can choose for delivery. The shipping options can be helpful if you live outside California. 

It even accepts international orders. Mike’s Bikes allows you to request in-store pickups.

With in-store pickups, you have ten days to pick up your bike after Mike’s Bikes notify you when the bike is ready at the specified store.

In case of product shortage, Mike’s Bikes will immediately do backorder if necessary.

Should this occur amidst processing your multiple orders, Mike’s Bikes will split the shipment without exceeding the original charge amount.

Is “Mike’s Bikes reliable?

Mike's Bikes is reliable because it has been providing all types of high-quality bicycles manufactured by popular brands for years. Its online store also features a wide range of bike parts, accessories, and apparel.

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Roll Bicycle Company

Let’s roll with the Roll! This bicycle company has twelve years of experience in selling bikes. It has sold thousands of bikes in Ohio, the U.S.

The owners’ mission is to build a bike that meets higher standards and can fulfill the wishes of people looking to experience the best bicycle riding.

That mission translates into great bicycle products from top brands, including BMC.

Its Rol Model program sets this company apart from other bike shops.

This program offers an opportunity for individuals or organizations that believe that bikes can change lives to echo their initiatives.

The initiatives must be related to bikes, and they can vary from health purposes to transportation.

In 2021, the Roll: Model program collaborated with Pelotonia, a community focusing on raising money for cancer research.

The collaboration was in the shape of 5% off of a bike purchase for Pelotonia riders.

Roll: Bicycle Company provides several shops across Ohio for your convenience.

Five shops are strategically located in Bexley, Columbus, Upper Arlington, Dublin, and Westerville.

If you live in Ohio, Roll is the best choice for getting the BMC bike you are dreaming of.

Roll: Bicycle Company BMC lineup

The Roll has about 17 BMC bikes. You can choose a hardtail mountain bike or a road bike.

This company’s online shop can find these variants of BMC bikes: Twostroke AL One. Two and Three.

There are also many other options for BMC road bikes in the Roll stores, such as Roadmachine variants, Teammachine variants, etc. 

BMC Bikes USA Dealers

Roll: Bicycle Company Pros 

You must know about Roll: Bicycle Company; they let you try a bike for 50 days.

More often than not, you do not have enough time to thoroughly check the bike’s performance and fitness when purchasing one.

This could make you end up in regret one day. So, to minimize that, the Roll offers 50 days ride to make sure you have the right choice.

If you do not like the bike you choose, the Roll will exchange it for you or even take it back. Visit their shop with your original order confirmation number to get this benefit.

Roll: Bicycle Company lets you upgrade your old bike with a new BMC bike. Trade your old bike at one of the Roll shops for a new one.

This company has partnered with Bicycle Blue Book to get the most up-to-date price for your old bike.

The Roll shop will use the trade values to cut off the cost of your new bike. With this, you can get a new BMC bike at a more affordable price.

Plus, you don’t have to worry anymore about what to do with your old bike.

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Moab Bicycle Company

Do you believe a bike can solve our health, finance, and environmental problems?

If your answer is yes, you share the same belief with Moab Bicycle Company which has been around since 1995.

Under the direction of Mark Dement, Moab Bicycle Company has grown exponentially.

Mark knows a lot of things about bicycles. He has turned his cycling passion into a rewarding career.

Moab Bicycle Company has team members who are experts at bicycle stuff.

Judging by the team members gallery on the Moab official website, the team members are mostly, if not all, enthusiasts cyclists.

They know their stuff and are ready to help you determine what type of BMC bike suits you best.

If you live in Tennessee, definitely check out Moad Bicycle Company. The company has three stores that you can visit in Murfreesboro, Franklin, and Nashville.

You can purchase your bike online or visit one of the stores.

If you choose to shop online, Moab Bicycle Company allows you to pick up the bike at your local store or have it shipped to your home directly.

Moab Bicycle Company BMC Lineup

There are nine options of BMC bikes here, from mountain bikes to road bikes, from hardtails to full-suspensions.

Range of BMC mountain bikes you can choose from:

  • Fourstroke 01 L.T. One full suspension.
  • Twostroke AL One hardtail.
  • Twostroke AL Two hardtail.

Its Moab shops also feature Roadmachine Two, Teammachine, URS 01 Three, and UnReStricted variants.

Moab Bicycle Company Pros 

Every person has unique measurements in terms of bike sizes. Moab Bicycle Company wants you to get a good quality bike that fits your body perfectly and is comfortable to ride.

Moab Bicycle Company provides certified fit specialists to help you find your ideal riding position and adjust the bike to fit your body.

You are new in town and wonder if there are local trails or bicycle events to go to.

Moab Bicycle Company will help you connect with the growing cycling community in the Middle Tennesee area.

You can find out about Groups, Bike Clubs, Events, Races, etc. So, you better ready your BMC bike and get in touch with Moab Bicycle Company to meet with local riders.

Is there easy mountain biking in Moab?

There are many places for mountain bike rides in Moab, including the trails on the east side of the main Park Road, which are suitable for beginners.

Those who want to warm up can go to the Great Pyramid to Raven Roll loop, but the Big Chief trail is also suitable for a ride.

These are a few examples of mountain biking areas in Moab, but there are also many others.

The Moab area has many rugged terrains, red rock cliffs, and the United States’ beautiful but most challenging rides.

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R&A Cycles Inc

Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast cyclist looking for the flagship pro bike shop, go to R&A Cycles.

Philip Cabbad founded R&A Cycles Inc. in 1976, and it has an incredible inventory of bikes, so if you think of any BMC bike, chances are R&A has it.

If you live in New York or are there, you can visit the R&A Cycles shop in Brooklyn’s pristine Park Slope.

R&A Cycles has another shop located in Walnut Creek, California. So, check out the shop if you live in or near Walnut Creek.

R&A Cycles Inc BMC Lineup

R&A Cycles have the complete BMC bikes inventory on this list. You can find 78 complete bikes and 11 frame-only ones.

R&A Cycles Pros

R&A Cycles believe the best way to advertise products is to have them in the store physically.

They claimed that 95% of products on the official website are in stock.

It allows R&A Cycles to perform same-day delivery once you purchase their available product.

So you don’t have to waste another time getting your bike at your door.

In case of return and exchange, you have 30 days to contact R&A Cycles.

Although, they only accept returns and exchanges as long as all items are unused and in their original sealable condition.

If you want to send a gift to someone who loves to ride, what could be a better gift than an R&A e-gift card?

You can set the budget freely, starting from $10. The recipient of your e-gift card can spend it online, in the store, or over the phone.

The Final Thoughts

If you live in the U.S., you have more than enough options to purchase a BMC bike.

There are hundreds of shops you can visit to taste BMC bikes before you get one home.

Conte’s Bike Shop is perfect if you want free annual bike adjustments.

Go to Mike’s Bikes if you live in California or Roll: Bicycle Company if you live in Ohio.

I particularly like Mike’s Bikes online shop because it features all types of bicycles from big brands.

You can also find its shops in many parts of the United States.

For Tennesseans, Moab Bicycle is your place to buy a BMC bike.

And if you are in New York, go ahead and visit R&A Cycles, which has hundreds of BMC bikes.

Thank you for reading this article about BMC Bikes USA Dealers.

You can ask questions or leave a comment on this page’s bottom. I will answer quickly. 

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