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What Is Hitch Fit Gym Kansas City And How To Get Started?

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Hitch Fit Gym Kansas City offers members innovative one-on-one personal training and nutrition programs to help them lead healthy lifestyles.

You can pick a workout plan tailored to your needs and connect with knowledgeable, certified trainers to help you reach your goals.

So let’s go on and see what Hitch Fit Gym Kansas City is, and how you can get started with this platform.

Overview of Hitch Fit Gym

  • Founders: Founded in 2009 by Diana Chaloux and Micah LaCerte.
  • Headquarters: Gillham Rd, Kansas City, in the United States.
  • Products: Fitness classes and personalized nutrition.
  • Pricing: Please check the company’s official website.
  • Overall customer rating: 4 stars out of 5.

What Is Hitch Fit Gym?

Hitch Fit is an online personal training system founded in 2009 and based in Kansas, the United States.

People from over seventy countries use this platform’s workout programs and nutrition diet to reach their fitness goals.

Most of them have shed their bodies’ excess weight and are now enjoying the better lifestyles they deserve.

When you register to Hitch Fit, Diana LaCerte and Micah, certified trainers and world champions, will train you from scratch.

Both have many years of experience in the fitness industry and have helped many individuals reach their workout goals.

Besides offering personalized fitness programs and nutrition diets for weight loss, this platform also provides other fitness products.

How does Hitch Fit work?

This platform requires you to follow five steps to get started:

  • In this step, the system will ask you to choose your workout goals (muscle building or weight loss).
  • Secondly, you will complete a questionnaire and submit your pictures for the trainers to customize your best programs and nutrition.
  • Your trainers will then create an ideal plan for your workout goals and send it by email within three to five days.
  • When you receive the plan, you will check it with your coach and agree or not.
  • If you accept the proposed fitness plan, your will start exercising to reach your goals.

The founders are professional trainers with over 40 years of experience and have helped many people to build lean muscles and lose weight.

Hitch Fitness programs

Hitch Fit offers over eighteen fitness programs from which to choose the most appropriate for your muscle-building and weight-loss goals.

Given that we can not describe them, we will give you three samples and show you how to check all programs.   

What Is Hitch Fit Gym Kansas City And How To Get Started?

Loss Weight Feel Great

If you no longer recognize yourself when looking in the mirror because of belly fat, you need this proven program to lose it forever.

It will enable you to shed fat, tone your body, improve your overall health and feel better.

Diana and Mica are among the best body transformation trainers recognized globally, ready to make your weight loss journey the best experience.

These former fitness champions and coaches will train and support you until you reach your goals.

They will show you what to do and eat to sharpen your body as you want and feel great.

This program doesn’t require you to use gimmicky pills or eat fad diets like most individuals nowadays do.

Instead, you will learn how to lose weight by exercising and making slow changes.

You will also need to stick to your exercise and healthy nutrition diet to achieve your goals.

This program is available in a 12-week plan for people who want to lose up to 30 Pounds and costs $297,99.

If you want to lose up to 50 pounds, you can buy a 16-week weight loss program for $399.99.

Bikini model workout program 

Bikini Hitch Fit For Women helps lose fat and achieve a lean and toned look without going through the bikini workout competition.

This program is for women who have extra body fats and want to get rid of them to stay healthy.

The owners of Hitch Fit recommend Bikini Model Workout to women with 28% fat or less.

However, you can also use this program if your body fat rate increases.

Your coach will show you how to combine it with the best eating habits for your body to drop down fat healthy.

Besides, you will learn how to make healthy and positive changes to your workout.

You must also make lifestyle changes for your body to lose fat and get lean, toned muscles.

This program is available in twelve and sixteen plans at $297.99 and $397.99 for each.

How long should I train for a bikini competition?

You must be prepared and stay committed when you decide to do a bikini competition because the training can last from six to twelve months, but it is worth it because you will amp up and develop your muscle groups.

Check how many squats are needed for maximum muscle growth.

What Is Hitch Fit Gym Kansas City And How To Get Started?

Bikini competition prep

This program is appropriate for men and women who want to prepare for competitions and achieve the best results.

It includes cardio progression, strength training, competition exercises, and nutrition diets.

If you are a woman with body fat between 18% and 20% or less, pick a twelve-week plan to prepare enough for the competition.

As for the twelve-week workout program, it is suitable for men with less than 15% body fat.

Please choose a 16-week training program if you don’t find yourself in the abovementioned programs.

The twelve-week Bikini Competition Prep plan costs $1,029.99, while a sixteen-workout competition plan costs $1,399.99.

Other Hitch Fitness programs

These are a few samples of fitness programs offered by Hitch Fit, but this platform also provides many others.

You can, for instance, choose the couple’s weight loss program for dating, due to friends, or married people programs.

Other best exercise programs many people like are those designed for muscle building, post-pregnancy, etc.

Use the link below to go to the Hitch Fit online store and learn about all the available workout programs.

You will then choose the most suitable for you, buy it get started.

Hitch Fitness pros and cons

Hitch Fitness prosHitch Fitness cons
👍The founders have over 40 years of experience in the fitness industry. 👎Some programs are costly, but it depends on the individual’s goals.
👍They offer many fitness and nutrition programs for weight loss and muscle building.
👍Hitch Fitness is available in over 79 countries.
👍Excellent customer support.

Who Is Hitch Fitness for?

These workout programs are for individuals of all ages and fitness levels who need to lose fat.

You can also use them to tone your body, build lean muscles, and stay healthy.

Hitch Fit has over twelve programs you can access in the United States and over seventy countries worldwide.

You will also get customized Hitch Fit diet plans showing what to eat and when to achieve your workout goals.

Besides the exercise programs, you can buy other items, including books, coffee, hats, gym bags, t-shirts, and more. 

The Hydrow Rowing machine review is also worth checking.

Final thoughts

These workout programs are for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Hitch Fitness offers many options, including personalized coaching, group classes, and customized nutrition to meet your workout goals.

Additionally, this platform has an experienced staff of trainers dedicated to helping you succeed.

You will find a suitable solution to whatever your fitness needs to enjoy the better lifestyle you deserve.

That’s all about Hitch Fit Gym Kansas City and how to get started; we hope you will find this information helpful.

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