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4 Best Steel Framed Mountain Bikes to Buy

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Choosing a mountain bike for your outdoor activities is not as easy as it looks since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of types of mountain bikes. 

We share an article discussing the four best Steel Framed mountain bikes to consider.

Depending on your biking style, you must consider certain bike aspects best suit you.

All the bikes reviewed in this post are sold by the Framed Bikes company headquartered in Minnesota, U.S.

I will also give you a link to this article’s end to take you to this brand’s online store to choose the ideal mountain bike.

Rendal Alloy Mountain 29″ 

Rendal Alloy Mountain 29" 

Rendal Alloy  Specifications

FrameFramed lightweight alloy, post disc mount, replaceable hanger
ForkS.R. Suntour XC-E28-29, 100mm travel.
HandlebarCrafted alloy flat bar, 31.8mm clamp
Wheels Alloy rims 32h, Formula DC-20 front, DC-22 rear disc hubs, 14g black spokes.
Price $549.95.

At first glance, the look of the Rendal Alloy is captivating. It has a not-so-straight top tube, a bit like a bow, with different sizes on both ends.

The down tune looks sturdy with a bold “FRAMED” written on it, and this bike also has a unique chain that stays in shape.

Unlike most other bikes built with straight chains, the manufacturer has equipped Rendal Alloy with bent (almost angular) chainstays.

This hardtail bike will take you from the city road to the relatively smooth paths.

However, it is not meant for challenging rides on rough trails and high-speed descent.

Also, the user experience standpoint shows that this model has received so much praise from its users.

From many that I have read, users seem satisfied with the Rendal Alloy’s performance despite its low price. 

They have even compared this bike to other brands and concluded it is good value.

Besides, the overall weight of the Rendal Alloy is approximately 32.25 lbs, lighter than the average weight of lightweight bicycles, which is about 38 lbs.

This feature will give you speed and a sense of pride as people say: “the lighter, the better.”

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Cable Kids Mountain Bike

Cable Kids Mountain Bike

Cable Kids Bike Specifications

Frame Framed Cable Alloy.
Fork SR SUNTOUR XCM 24″ Plus 15mm X 110mm.
Handlebar Framed Alloy 610mm, 1/2″ Rise.
Wheels Double Wall Alloy 24″.
Price $479.95.

As the name suggests, this mountain bike was designed for kids. It is the perfect choice to step up the game from 20 inches to a 24-inch bike.

The cable Kids model has a suspension fork that allows kids to go through dirt paths with sound control.

Indeed, the look of this bike has been completely redesigned. The old one was similar to most 24-inch mountain bikes, and the new one has noticeable differences.

If you look closely at this new one, the differences are in the shape of the chainstay and seat stay.

Both are bent at the back end, with one bent downward and upward and meeting at the hub and axle.

According to Framed Bikes’ official website, this model has only one color: blue.

The Cable Kids has 9 Speed Shimano gearing. This gives the rider more choices in any given trail.

The rider can assign the appropriate speed to enjoy the ride comfortably without sweating too much.

Also, some users’ comments say this bike has incredible performance, and the build quality is comparable to big-name manufacturers.

However, a few have commented that the levers are far from the handlebars for some kids to reach. It looks like you will need to adjust them.

Foothill Carbon – Mountain 29″

 Foothill Carbon - Mountain 29"

Foothill Carbon Specifications

  • Frame: Full Carbon, 148×12 T.A., Integrated Headset, etc.
  • Fork: Rockshox 35 150mm travel, 110x15mm T.A.
  • Handlebar: 35mm clamp, Aluminum Alloy.
  • Tires: Pirelli Scorpion Enduro R/S 29 x 2.4.
  • Price: $3,299.95.

This is an excellent option if you are looking for a versatile enduro mountain bike.

The newest addition to the Framed Bikes lineup strikes many exciting points.

The first thing you will notice is that the appearance of this bike is eye-pleasing, with many curve shapes.

Also, the Foothill Carbon is armed with excellent specifications on both builds for better performance.

There are two builds of the Foothill Carbon: the G.X. Eagle 1×12 build and the Eagle 1×12 build.

The critical difference is that the G.X. Eagle uses carbon wheels, whereas the N.X. Eagle uses alloy wheels.

Depending on your liking, you can choose the carbon wheels for stiffer and more energetic wheels so that your ride feels more lively.

Also, you can pick the alloy wheels for smoother rides and a more damped feel because alloy wheels tend to flex more.

Many have stated that the Foothill Carbon has excellent performance and great suspensions.

Besides, this bike has a solid frame, and you can see the geometry chart available on the official website.

To conclude this section, I want to let you know that this bike combines strength and speed.

Instead of having a 60 degrees head tube angle like most bikes in this category, it has a head tube angle close to what a fast XC bike has.

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Bootlegger Carbon AXS Mountain Bike 29″ 

Bootlegger Carbon AXS Mountain Bike 29" 

Bootlegger Carbon AXS Specifications

Frame FRAMED Full Carbon, 148×12 T.A., Replaceable Derailleur Hanger, etc.
Fork Fox 32 100mm travel, 110x15mm T.A.
Handlebar FSA SL-K Carbon, 31.8 clamps, 740mm width, 18mm rise.
Tires Maxxis Ikon 29 x 2.35in.
Price $3,999.95.

Bootlegger Carbon AXS Mountain Bike 29″ is the most expensive one from the mountain bike lineups by Framed Bikes.

It is more than capable of enduring aggressive, extreme, and technical terrains.

Also, this bike can maximize its front suspension and rear suspension potential.

Indeed, the model comes with a 4-bar linkage suspension system and has the same appearance and feel as the Foothill Carbon.

However, the Bootlegger Carbon is simpler yet eye-catchy. In addition to that, the red color makes it look tough.

Unlike Foothill Carbon, which has two wheels material options, the Bootlegger Carbon only uses a carbon wheelset.

In a few words, many people like these types of bikes because they can use them to ride on challenging trails.

How long do steel bike frames last?

Steel bike frames can typically last from six to ten years, depending on how you regularly maintain your bike to keep it in good condition.

What is the best choice between aluminum and steel frames?

Steel and aluminum frames are the most used on mountain bikes, but Steel frames are less costly than aluminum.

Steel frames are also more durable but heavier than aluminum, making them inappropriate for long-distance riding or racing.

Conversely, aluminum frames are lighter, resistant to corrosion and rust, and easy to maneuver.

The best pick can also depend on the budget one plan to spend on his bike because they are not all designed equal.

How do I keep my steel bike from rusting?

The best way to prevent your steel bike from rusting is to keep it clean and dry, especially in the rainy season.

Use a clean cloth after each ride to remove any dirt or moisture that can damage it.

You can also apply the exposed parts of your bike with a thin layer of oil to prevent them from moisture and rust.

When you finish, range your bike in the garage if you have one, or cover it with a waterproof bag if kept outside.

Also, check for rust regularly and use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove any rust.

The Final Words

That’s all we had to tell you about the four best Steel Framed mountain bikes to buy.

We hope this information will help you purchase one of the best-rated mountain bikes.

Just use the link above; you will find these bicycles under the mountain bikes section.

It’s safe to shop on this company’s official website, and it has excellent customer support.

In addition, the owners of Framed Bikes will give you a money-back guarantee. You can return the purchased bike for a refund if it does not satisfy you.

However, you must ensure that the bike you have ordered is still new and unused.

Also, it is better to return the bike within 30 days of delivery. They will refund your money minus the shipping label cost.

The Framed Bikes company delivers to all U.S. states. FedEx will bring your order, but this carrier doesn’t ship to P.O. boxes.

That’s all about this article; please leave a comment or ask questions at the bottom of this page.

We will make sure to get back to you as soon s possible.

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  1. I love mountain bikes, and I was excited to read this detailed review. I currently have a hardtail Cannondale, but I want to change it and buy a new suspension bike. 

    Is the Foothill Carbon 29″ for both men and women? I like the styling on this bike, and it’s a reasonable price. Also, it is the first time I have heard of the brand Framed Mountain Bikes. 

    Thanks for this information. 

  2. When I was a kid, the primary method of travel for us was on our bikes. We loved riding and we were proud of them. We would take them up some wild hills and mountains, jump them, wreck them (not always on purpose), and all sorts of things.

    The bikes you have listed here are of incredible quality, comfortable, durable, and worth investing money in.


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