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What Is Healthtrax Fitness And Wellness And Its Offering?

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Healthtrax offers a wide range of fitness home and gym classes accessible in over sixteen locations in the United States on a monthly membership basis.

It aims to help individuals, families, and communities promote physical activities and achieve fitness goals.

This article will discuss what Healthtrax Fitness and wellness is and its offering to help you learn about this platform better.

Overview of Healthtrax

  • Headquarters: Glastonbury, Connecticut, in the United States.
  • Products: Home and gym fitness classes.
  • Membership: It starts at $39 per month.
  • Overall customer rating: Four start out of five.

What is Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness?

Healthtrax was founded in 1979 to provide individuals, families, and communities with the fitness training they need to stay healthy and enjoy better lifestyles.

You can use this brand’s fitness solutions virtually at home, in one of its nearest gyms, or on the go when traveling.

Besides workout classes, Healthytrax also offers recreational activities to empower you to get the maximum of your free time.

For instance, at discounted membership, seniors can opt for the aqua aerobics exercises in the Healthtrax aquatic center.

This company also offers fitness solutions tailored to the needs of all family members at the age of exercising.

We will show you how to benefit from its fitness training courses in different parts of the United States.

Moreover, we will see if this brand’s offerings are available in other countries and its best alternatives.

How to get started with Healthtrax Fitness?

This company recommends you start with the Healthy Start Program to introduce yourself to its workout classes.

According to the owners, the Healthy Start Program’s goal is to help you maximize your Healthtrax membership’s benefits.

First, schedule an appointment with your certified personal trainer and tell him about the fitness goals you plan to achieve.

Remember to discuss with your coach your fitness interests and your body’s abilities to do such exercises, not others.

Don’t be shy to tell your trainer about your particular medical conditions, if any, as he is a professional ready to listen to you.

This way, he will design suitable workout activities to reach your goals and provide you with the necessary guidance.

Lastly, be as concise as possible during the appointment because the discussion lasts only forty-five minutes to an hour.

The following section shows the fitness classes the Healthtrax corporation offers.

What Is Healthtrax Fitness And Wellness And Its Offering?

Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness classes?

Virtual classes

The Healthtrax virtual classes include live digital workout lessons on-demand, such as barre, cardio, group fight, HIIT workouts, pilates, strength, Yoga, etc.

The offering is so broad that all members can find the appropriate classes depending on their age and fitness level.

Furthermore, this brand has partnerships with the top workout class providers, including SilverSneakers and MOSSA, to enable members to find more options.

The only requirement to access these classes is a Healthtrax membership we will discuss in another section.

In gym classes

A subscription is required to access the Healthtrax gym training offered by qualified fitness professionals, and you must use an app to reserve the place on time.

The process is straightforward because you only need to log in to your account and find the nearest Healthtrax gym location.

However, the class availability depends on where you reside in the United States, and you can also attend them on the go. 

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Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness membership

This company’s official website doesn’t disclose how much it costs to access its workout classes.

However, other sources indicate that the monthly membership costs vary from $39, depending on the plan.

The cost can also vary depending on your age because Healthtrax offers significant discounts to older people (seniors).

Moreover, a family subscription is more costly than an individual subscription because it allows all members to attend classes.

According to some sources, this membership costs close to $69 a month, but it is better to check with your nearest provider.

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What Is Healthtrax Fitness And Wellness And Its Offering?

Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness pros and cons

Healthtrax prosHealthtrax cons
👍Classes for people of age and fitness levels 👎This platform is not available outside the United States
👍Highly qualified instructors provide the coaching. 👎You can attend classes from a few US locations.
👍Different membership plans to choose from the most suitable one.
👍Partnerships with top fitness providers.

Is there a Healthtrax app?

As a member, you can use a Healthtrax App to find the fitness classes offered by this company and access them easily.

The mobile application’s digital barcode can also empower you to track your attendance, how you achieve your goals, etc.

Besides, a Healthtrax app will show you the scheduled in-person and virtual exercise classes to choose the best time to attend them.

This app is available for download on Android and Apple mobile devices through Google Play and App Store.

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Is Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness available globally?

This brand has more than eighteen locations in the US from which you can attend its live-streaming workout exercises.

However, we couldn’t find if one can access virtual fitness training from these locations only or if they are available globally.

If you can’t access these courses because you live outside these locations or can’t afford the membership, look at alternatives such as Alo Move Yoga.

Final thoughts

That’s all we had to share in this article on what is Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness and showing various workout classes it offers.

We have also provided you with other helpful information on this company, including the monthly membership cost.

Furthermore, we have provided an alternative to these classes and where to find top fitness equipent.

Whether you want to exercise at home or in a gym, use this information to your advantage.

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