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What Is Body Rock Fitness? Build Your Home Workout Gym

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Bodyrock provides a wide range of home workout equipment and enables you to access more than 1,600 training videos twenty-four hours a to reach your goals.

This article shows the range of fitness items available on its online store and how to purchase the most suitable for your home exercises.

Besides, we will show you how to access the BodyRock TV videos workout and a few questions about this brand to help you get started. 

Overview of Body Rock Fitness

  • Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Products: Fitness equipment, accessories, and diet guides.
  • Pricing: From $24.50 to over a hundred dollars.
  • Customer rating: Four out of five stars.

What Is Body Rock Fitness?

Body Rock is a North American-based brand that provides home workout gear, coaching, accessories, and other resources to help you reach your fitness goals.

Its headquarters are in Ontario, Canada, but you can access the products and training videos worldwide.

The BodyRock workout videos are available in dozens of languages so that many people can use them.

Your membership will enable you to exercise with others remotely from your home’s comfort.

Exercising in a group helps to motivate each other and reach your goals quicker than training alone.

Your fitness coach will be available 24 hours daily to guide your fitness journey.

Bodyrock Fitness Equipment

The BodyRock online store features bars, benches, HEX dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, weight plates, weighted vests, etc.

These home training equipment will enable you to build strength and endurance when used adequately.

Below are the BodtRock best-selling workout items; we will also show you how to check other products.  

Training Bars

This category includes Olympic bars, sculpt bars, pump bars, M bars, and bar clips.

For instance, you can buy BodyRock Olympic Shorty for all shapes, sizes, and weight-lifting experiences.

This light gear is convenient whether you are a beginner or a shorter lifter athlete.

This gear is two feet shorter and 10 lbs lighter than the ordinary Olympic Bar.

It is also users friendly and will enable you to lift within your comfort level while staying balanced.

Besides, the Olympic Shorty Bar can hold up to 225 Ibs and is compatible with all plates of 2″, making it ideal for your fitness journey.

What Is Body Rock Fitness? Build Your Home Workout Gym

Weight Plates

You can use Bodyrock weight plates, a body bar, dumbbells, or a sculpted bar to build resistance and strength.

These fitness equipment are available in 17.5 Kg options; these exercise bundles have 56″ / 142 cm long and 1 1/8″ diameter straight barbells.

Besides, these weight plates come in circular forms and are equipped with many otehr components, making them user-friendly.

Hex Dumbbells

These fitness pieces of gear are suitable for a home gym because they are made of top-rated rubbers, have excellent grip, available from 10 LB to 50 Lb, and are easy to maintain.

They cost from $99 to $199, so pick what you feel comfortable with, start your fitness journey, and enjoy a healthy life.

Resistance Bands

The Bodyrock company also sells through its online store a few resistance bands to perfect your home exercises.

You can, for instance, buy the black and white band featured with medium and heavy resistance levels to increase the difficulty.

Other Bodyrock’s best resistance bands are purple and blue bars with a shorter lifespan than the fabric bands, but that works well.

Besides, Bodyrock offers a complete set of black, blue, and red bands to ease everyone’s choice and workout activities.

You can use these bands to perform Crossfit, Insanity, Hot Yoga, Yoga, and Body Rock pilates workout programs.

Weighted Vests

The Bodyrock weighted vests have a 4.9/5 customer star rating. Each piece of apparel is available for $49.99.

Bodyrock has designed these vests to:

  • Help you improve your stamina, speed, and strength comfortably.
  • Make it easy for women to fit their bodies in motion.
  • Help beginners and enthusiasts to master ancient training techniques with simplicity.
  • Use on-the-go gym-quality workouts.
  • You can build long, lean muscle, burn more calories, etc.

Bodyrock Fitness Bench

Another best fitness item you can buy is the BodyRock Leather Bench, available at $189 and with a 4/5 customer star rating.

Besides, this 80 Lb workout bench is solid and easy to move around; you can lift heavy forms perfectly.

BodyRock recommends this bench to beginners who want to perfect their form before moving to high-intensity workouts.

People with advanced fitness levels who need to supercharge their training can also use this full-body bench.

You can also check the Hydraw rowing machine review.

What Is Body Rock Fitness? Build Your Home Workout Gym

BodyRock Pros and Cons

BodyRock Pros BodyRock Cons
👍BodyRock offers many workout equipment and accessories. 👎The shipping is only available in the US and Canada.
👍The offering also includes nutrition guides to help peole live healthily.
👍All products are available at affordable prices.
👍You can return the items for a refund 30 days from delivery.

Where can you find BodyRock workouts gear?

These items are available at BodyRock’s online shop. It is where you can purchase suitable items for your home gym.

This company delivers in Canada and the United States. All orders are processed in two days and sent by FedEx.

When the owners of Bodyrock send your package, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with the FedEx tracking number.

It typically takes eight to ten days for your delivery to arrive at your home or another indicated address.

Moreover, Bodyrock offers warranties, but you must use the purchased equipment properly to benefit from them.

If your delivery includes items with issues, make sure to contact customer support within ten days from the delivery date.

They will tell you how to return the items for exchange or refund if they are in the original condition as received.

Otherwise, you might consider Modell Sporting Goods because this company also offers many sports equipment at affordable costs.

How can you access Bodyrock videos?

Bodyrock doesn’t show on its official website how to access its workout videos and fitness coaches.

The available information says you must subscribe to Sweatflix to access more than 1,600 workouts using the Bdydyrock equipment.

However, they don’t tell how Sweatflix works and how much it charges to access its library of fitness videos.

You can further research to learn about Sweatflix if it interests you.

Otherwise, we recommend choosing another fitness platform because many are out there.

For instance, you can join OBE Fitness, available in the US and Canada. OBE offers a wide range of on-demand and live classes.

Other global fitness platforms are Alo Moves Home Gym, Orange Theory, the Dailey Method, ClassPass, etc. 

Check Alo Moves yoga classes for women’s review if these workouts interest you.

What happens if a barbell doesn’t spin?

It can be challenging for you to grip the barbell and rotate the bar, as it should to get the maximum of these workouts if the sleeves don't spin correctly. 

Can I count barbell weight for lifting weights?

It will help to count the barbells’ weight when lifting weights because these exercises are based on numbers.

Besides the number of barbell weights you lift, you must also know the number of sets and repetitions you perform.

The process also depends on the type of barbell you use. Unless otherwise, the Olympic barbell for women weighs 33 pounds while that for men weighs 44 pounds.

Research more about using barbells and learn about the topic better if they interest you. 

What Is Body Rock Fitness? Build Your Home Workout Gym

Final thoughts

That’s all we had to share through this article, answering the question of what Body Rock Fitness is.

The Bodyrock online store features a lot of gear you can use to build strength and endurance the way you like.

Its owners say you can access more than1,600 training videos through a third-party platform.

Additionally, we have provided you with other helpful ressources regarding top-rated exercise gear and online fitness classes.

Thank you for reading the Body rick review; we wish you to continue enjoying the best of your fitness.

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