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What Is American Sports And Fitness Association?

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American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA) provides a wide range of certification courses to whoever wants to become professional fitness trainers.

This article will examine how ASFA works, the different certification classes, the required fees, and how you can get started.

Additioanly, we will provide you with other essential information about this online learning platform to help you decide if it is worth it.

Overview of the American Sports and Fitness Association

  • Headquarters: Saint Louis, Missouri, in the United States.
  • Industry: Wellness and fitness.
  • Pricing: From $299 per certification program.
  • Overall rating: Four stars out of five.

American Sports and Fitness Association is an online platform whose mission is to offer education in different fitness fields.

You can follow one of the ASFA courses to become a certified professional and work in the wellness and fitness industry.

The following looks into various certifications this platform offers.

American Sports And Fitness Certification Courses

ASFA ranges its fitness certification classes into five categories, and we will give you a sample of two certifications per category.

Afterward, we will show you how to browse all the available fitness courses and select the most suitable one.  

Coaching Certifications 

1. Body Building Trainer Certification

AWhat Is American Sports And Fitness Association?

You will learn the fundamentals of fitness and bodybuilding, making you an expert in this field.

ASFA charges $199 for this certification, and it lasts one year. You will learn at your pace until you become a certified bodybuilding coach.

At the end of the training, you can provide competitive bodybuilding fitness classes to other individuals.

You will know how to design effective workout programs tailored to bodybuilders, understand what makes good nutrition for competitive bodybuilders, etc.

2. Health and Wellness Coach

This online fitness education will teach you the skills to become a professional health and wellness coach.

It costs $299 and lasts one year, during which you will extend your skills in different topics.

You will learn the basics of holistic health, wellness coach training, and how to develop other health and wellness programs tailored to your potential clients.

In summary, you will gain fitness, holistic health, nutrition, and wellness knowledge at the end of this training.

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Group Fitness Certifications

1. Group Fitness ad Bootcamp Instructor 

This one-year program will teach you how to design and provide fitness exercises tailored to a specific group of individuals.

As a certified instructor in this field, you will expand your knowledge of group fitness fundamentals.

Also, ASFA will teach you how to design bootcamp workouts, group dynamics, group instruction, etc.

Classes are accessible online 24/7,  making it easy for you to learn at your pace and from your home’s comfort.  

What Is American Sports And Fitness Association?

2. Advanced Cycling Certification

This certification training lasts one year at $299. You will gain the essential skills to become a specialized instructor in indoor cycling.

The indoor cycling career is rewarding because people worldwide always look for ways to fit their bodies and live better.

The more people you train and help to live healthily, the more you will be proud of your contribution to their well-being. 

Personal Trainer Certifications

This category includes more than twenty-five certification classes, such as personal, master, and advanced trainer.

It also teaches how to become a senior fitness instructor, certified sports nutrition,  youth fitness trainer, etc.:

Below is a sample of two popular personal trainer certifications:

1. Personal Trainer Certification

This is ideal training if you want to become a certified personal trainer and teach people how to stay healthly by exercising regularly.

You will learn how to design practical workout exercises suitable to your potential or current clients.

You can learn the basics and enhance your skills by taking advanced or master personal trainer certification courses.

ASFA charges $299 for the Personal Trainer certification and $399 for the Advanced or Master Personal Trainer.

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2. Senior Fitness Instructor Certification

We recommend this training to help elders keep their bodies fit and avoid diseases they are likely to suffer as they age.

For instance, you will learn how to design workout exercises tailored to senior living facilities.

Your coaches will also teach you the techniques to motivate elders to exercise and enjoy better lifestyles.

Besides these fundamentals in senior fitness, you will also gain other essential knowledge, including the basics of senior fitness, age-specific considerations, etc. 

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Advanced Certifications

The American Sports and Fitness Association provides many advanced certification courses such as advanced Pilates, advanced sports nutrition, advanced Yoga, etc.

1. Advanced Yoga

What Is American Sports And Fitness Association?

This training is for professionals in the yoga industry who want to improve their skills.

You can, for instance, enhance your knowledge of yoga fusion exercises and learn how to develop customized yoga fusion routines, etc.

At the end of your training, you will have the skills to be a yoga teacher and make a good living while helping others lead better lives.

Besides, you can complement this course with other yoga resources such as Fusion Workouts, Instructing Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, etc.

The advanced yoga certification lasts a year, costs $299, and lasts a year.  

2. Advanced Sports Nutrition

In this course, you will learn advanced sports concepts and become certified in sports nutrition.

After the certification, you can design and provide your customers with nutritional guidance to enhance their sports performance.

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Trending Certifications 

1. Water Aerobics Instructor

ASFA has designed this online class for people who want to make a living as certified water aerobics instructors.

If this field interests you, you can register to start a one-year online learning process.

Once you complete the program, you will be equipped with the skills to design specific water fitness exercise programs for your current and potential public. 

2. Pilates Certification

The last ASFA certification course we discuss is Pilates which teaches pilates workouts such as mat, fusion, and more.

This training will enhance your skills in this trending sport and make you a professional Pilates trainer.

It will help if you combine the Pilates certification with other trending ones, such as Yoga and senior fitness, to extend your customer base.

Please use the link below to go to the ASFA platform and learn more about all its fitness certification courses.

You will then select the most suitable for your career, register, and start learning at your pace until you complete the programs.  

American Sports and Fitness Association benefits

  • ASFA offers many advanced and trending certifications.
  • Fitness-certified professionals are in demand, making the career rewarding.
  • You can learn at yur own pace until graduation.
  • This platform is available in the United States and internationally.
  • Industry leaders, including Berxi, HPSO, Human Kinetics, etc., endorse ASFA.

Are ASFA certifications worth it?

Of course, these certifications are worth it and legitimate. ASFA has enabled thousands of individuals in the United States to become certified in fitness.

You can also take these fitness certification classes from any other country globally.

The ASFA owners say that industry leaders such as Human Kinetics, HPSO, Berxi, and many others endorse their certification classes.

Is the American sports and fitness association accredited?

ASFA is among the fitness industry leaders specializing in continuing education; it has certified thousands of fitness professionals in the United States and globally and doesn't need accreditation.

Final thoughts 

Let us end this blog post about the American Sports and Fitness Association; hoping you will find it helpful.

Besides the fitness certifications, this platform also has several texts and manuals.

You can complement these ressources with online classes to improve your skills in the wellness and fitness industry and become more professional.

The ASFA offering also includes fitness gear, apparel, and accessories; pick what fits your workout needs.

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