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The Ultimate Guide To Mountain Bikes For Ladies

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The ultimate guide to mountain bikes for ladies provides women bikers with the necessary information to select their first or next mountain bike.

We will examine the different types of women’s mountain bikes available today, discuss their features, give tips on finding the right bike size that fits your body type, etc.

Furthermore, we will highlight some suggestions to get you started as a newbie or an experienced biker.

The top women’s mountain bike brands

Juliana Bicycles 

Founded in 1999 by Juli Furtado after many years as a professional mountain biker, the Juliana Bicycle company has become one of the leaders in women’s biking.

This brand’s headquarters are in Santa Cruz, California, where it designs and assembles its carbon frames, grips, and saddles.

Juliana Bicycles also assembles many other components to produce its range of women’s MTBs.

Below are some of its best mountain bikes lineups:

Juliana Roubion

This brand has designed Roubion mountain bikes for women who want to tackle rough terrain, enthusiasts of blind racing, and those who enjoy the trails as they come.

These rapid bikes have 29-inch front wheels that offer high-speed stability and high-rolling confidence to the rider.

They also feature 27.5-inch rear wheels and other components like 200mm front and 180mm rear brake rotor, XS, S, and M frames, which make handling consistent.

Roubion bikes are also available in Carbon C and Carbon CC and come with many other features like sloping top tubes, lower standover height, etc.

There are many from which you can choose the one you like, and the costs range from $5,049.99 to $9,849.99.  

The Ultimate Guide To Mountain Bikes For Ladies


Juliana also designs Maverick mountain bikes, whose prices range from $4,949.99 to $8,049.99, depending on the power of each bicycle.

The Maverick bicycle’s main specifications are:

  • Carbon CC 29/27+ 145mm Travel VPP frame.
  • FOX 36 Float Factory, 150mm fork.
  • SRAM X01 Eagle, 12spd chain.
  • 29 “x2.4” real and front tire.
  • SRAM Code RSC brakes.
  • SRAM X1 Eagle DUB 30t crankset.
  • And lots more. 

A Maverick bike is so superb that it will enable you to churn up the last brutal climb fast, make the downhill taste, and smile.

Juliana Bicycles has designed its range of bikes for the sole purpose of helping women experience the best mountain biking pleasure.

Besides Roubion and Maverick, this brand designs and sells Wilder, Furtado, Joplin, and Quincy mountain bikes.

Liv Cycling 

Liv Cycling’s objective is to put women first and other things in second place.

The owners have invested a lot of resources in designing high-end bicycles for ladies at great prices.

Whether you need a bicycle for commuting, wild family adventure on weekends, riding on open roads, etc. Liv Cycling has all the prototypes you need.

This brand customizes each frame size with a suitable geometry to provide the user with the best ride experience.

Mike’s Bikes features hundreds of Liv bicycles with prices ranging from as low as $274.99 to $6,399.99 for the Intrigue X E+ 1 bike that will never hold you back.

You can use the previously provided link to check all these bicycles at Mike’s Bikes and select and purchase the one you like.


Cannondale designs MTBs, action, electric, gravel, road bikes, gear, and apparel for women, men, and kids.

You can, for instance, buy the Habit Women’s Carbon 2, which costs $4,200 or $263 a month if you opt to pay installments.

However, Cannondale only offers a few mountain bike options for women. It has a few compared to Juliana Bicycles.

Juliana is the most recommended brand for women who want to invest in a high-end mountain bike and enjoy the good times on remote dirt terrains.

Cannondale is most appropriate for men who need anti-gravity electric mountain, gravity, trail, and race xc bikes.

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Yeti Beti

Based in Colorado, Yeti is another top brand that designs and sells a wide array of the best-pedaling 5-inch bikes for women.

It aims to provide women with bikes featuring specific saddles, lighter-turned suspension, 170-millimeter cranks on the XS and S sizes, etc.

You can check this brand’s official website to learn more about its range of bicycles designed for women.


Specialized was known for designing bikes for men, but it has also recently entered the women’s mountain bike market due to the high volume of demand.

Mike’s Bikes online shop features a wide array of Specialized mountain bikes for both genders.

The most popular in the female version is the Epic and Stumpjumper, but there are also a few others. 

The Ultimate Guide To Mountain Bikes For Ladies

The most comfortable mountain bike for women

Now that you know the best designers of top-rated MTBs for ladies, let’s see which one to pick among the many available on the market.

It is difficult to answer this question accurately because many factors come into play when choosing an ideal mountain bike.

Look into the saddle that fits you, the ability to change or adjust the Seatpost, shorten the cranks, adjust brakes, etc.

Choosing a high-end mountain bike will also depend on the budget you intend to devote to purchasing a new bicycle.

The typical sizes of mountain bikes for women

First, you need to understand that the bike size and the size of the frame are similar terms. There is no difference between them.

Secondly, the size of the frame varies from model and manufacturer, there are no standard-sizing bikes, and it is wise to be careful when choosing the correct frame size.

So, to make things easier for you, we found it helpful to provide a table detailing the frame sizes for women’s mountain bikes. 

Rider’s Feet and Inches Rider’s Centimeters Frame Inches Frame Size
4ft 10in – 5ft 2in148 – 158cm13 – 14inXS
5ft 2in – 5ft 6in158 – 168cm15 – 16inS
5ft 6in – 5ft 10in167 – 178cm17 – 18inM
5ft 10in – 6ft 1in and up178 – 185cm+19 – 20inL

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What size bike should a 5’2 Woman ride?

If the table above can’t help, you can determine your bicycle’s size frame by considering the height and inseam.

For instance, if you are 5’2″ inches tall, your ideal bicycle will have a frame size between 49 cm and 50 cm to ensure that you ride safely.

If you are unsure about the right size to fit the mountain bike you intend to purchase, you can contact the seller’s support team and ask for help.

You can even go to the seller’s nearest shop to try out the bike and take the opportunity to ask other questions before making the purchase.  

How Tall Should You Be For A 24-inch Bike?

24-inch bikes are bicycles that feature wheel sizes of approximately 24 inches. They have smaller wheels than the 26-inch standard bicycles and are also easy to handle and control. It is better to start with a 24-inch bike if you are a newbie in the biking area.

Is a 24-inch bike too small for a woman?

Ensure your size is compatible with this bicycle to ride a 24-inch bike comfortably and safely.

The bike’s saddles must also fit your heel and the lower pedal, and the leg must be straight.

You can also adjust the saddle by moving it back, forward, raising, or lowering it until the front knees feel comfortable (you don’t feel knee pain).

To avoid getting tired as soon as you start riding, it will be best if your knee bends slightly when you are riding.

The Ultimate Guide To Mountain Bikes For Ladies

What height is a 28-inch bike for?

28-inch bikes combine stability, speed, and durability, have many other excellent components, and have become the most preferred for many riders.

So, a 28-inch bike is suitable for an individual with a height between 6’0″ – 6’3 or 183 and 191 cm. 

Is 29er suitable for uphill?

The benefits of 29ers include enabling you to roll over on climbs strewn with steps and rocks without much effort.

However, when it comes to a stop/start style switchback climbs or even riding on smoother hills, the smaller wheels are ideal as they climb better.

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Can you put 29-inch wheels on A 26-inch bike?

Modifying the suspension will enable you to feature your 26-inch mountain bike with 29-inch wheels, but it is not recommended.

Unless you have enough skills in bicycle modifications, have a consequent budget to buy the modification kit, and have the necessary toolset.

You can also engage in the process if you have the money for the specialist to do the work for you.

Many factors come into play when purchasing a new mountain bike:

i) If you are a newbie yet to become committed to mountain biking sport, you can buy an aluminum hardtail MTB with 27.5- or 29-inch wheels for under $1,000.

ii) With a budget between $1,000 and $2,000, you can afford a good MTB hardtail with a bump in quality and performance.

iii) If you increase the budget to $3,000, things will become more interesting as you can purchase an MTB with modern geometry, lightweight carbon fiber, an aluminum frame, etc.

In a few words, the more budget you have to invest in a new MTB, the more you will get a high-quality MTB.

Several brands like Juliana, Cannondale, Santa Cruz, Specialized, and many others design high-end MTBs for women and men for costs rich in $5,000 or beyond.

Final thoughts 

The ultimate guide to mountain bikes for ladies aims to help women choose the right MTB tailored to their unique riding style and needs.

When choosing the perfect mountain bike, consider its suspension, frame size, tires, the money you are ready to spend on it, etc.

We hope this information will help you to pick the type of bike suitable for your desired riding style or terrain, and we wish you the best ride.

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