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The Top 10 Best Electric Mountain Bikes In The UK

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Based in the United Kingdom, Electric Rider is a company that offers a good range of electric bikes, E-Scouters, E-Mopeds, E-Motorbikes, and other products. 

This brand’s products are too many, so this article will only focus on the UK’s top 10 best electric mountain bikes.

We will give you the technical specification of each bike, its brief description, and the cost.

In addition, we also show you how you can select and purchase the bike (s) you like and how you will receive it (them) at your home. 

Basis Beacon E-MTB 14ah   

The Top 10 Best Electric Mountain Bikes In The UK

Key Features

Frame19″ Alloy Crossbar MTB.
Motor250w 36v Rear Hub.
BatteryLCD – 3 Modes.
ForkZoom 27.5″ Suspension Fork.
DerailleursShimano 7 Speed.
TiresCST All Terrain 27.5″ x 2.1″.


Basis Beacon E-MTB 14ah is the most affordable electric mountain bike sold by the Electric Rider company. It will cost you £897.99, the shipping fee included.

This bike features a frame downtube semi-integrated battery, lightweight and twist grip gearing shifters.

It also has updated graphics, a solid suspension to enable you to ride confidentially, and MTB tires.

Also, this bike provides a confident riding stance and features magnificent electric running gear.

Its other benefits are responsive brakes allowing you to safely ride in the mountains.

There are also two batteries to choose from; they both work in unison with the 250w hub motor and will enable you to cover a 50 km round trip distance.

Dallingridge Coniston Hardtail 

Key Features

  • Frame: Alloy Crossbar, Battery Integrated, 19″.
  • Fork: Suntour Suspension Fork, 80mm.
  • Brakes: AK Mechanical Disc, 160mm.
  • Motor: 250w 36v, Rear Hub.
  • Battery: 14Ah 36v, Frame Integral.
  • Tires: CST All Terrains, 27.5″ x 2.10″.
  • Price: £1,248.00.


Available in two colors ( black and red), the Dallingridge Coniston Hardtail is another best hardtail electric mountain bikes.

You can buy this bike if you want a perfectly reliable, well-equipped all-rounder bicycle.

The manufacturer has featured it with an Alloy crossbar frame and a slightly lower top tube.

Both components can broaden your riding suitability and enable you to veer off the beaten track confidentially.

In addition, this bike has a 250w 36v rear hub motor and a frame down-tube integrated 14Ah battery.

There are Suntour suspension forks with 80mm travel and MTB handlebars upfront.

It will inspire your confidence in conjunction with the CST all terrains tires and enable you to control your bike efficiently.

Once you have charged your Dallingridge Coniston Hardtail electric bike, you will ride a 50km round trip without worrying about running out of power.

Cyclotricity The Beast 500w 19aH Crank Drive

The Top 10 Best Electric Mountain Bikes In The UK

Key Features

FrameAlloy Cross Bar.
Front Suspension Suntour XCT 100mm Travel.
BatteryLG with a one-year guarantee.
TiresDual MTB/Road 27.5″x2.2.


Cyclotricity The Beast 500w 19aH Crank Drive electric bike was designed for people who like to ride mountainous terrains with the up and down slopes sometimes tricky to ride.

The manufacturer of this mountain bike has featured it with a poweful frame.

It also has suspension technologies that synergize with a 500W motor to provide an incredible mountain biking experience.

Once at your disposal, it will enable you to ride into gnarly offroad descents and back up the next run at high speeds and without much effort.

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RooDog Avatar Crossbar Electric Bike

Main Features

FrameAluminum alloy 6061.
ForkSuntour XCR32  suspension with lock-out option.
Brakes Front and rear Tektro disc brake.
Motor 250W 36V, last generation rear wheel hub brushless motor.
Battery 36V 10Ah – 30 miles* / 16Ah – 45 miles*.
TiresKenda, 26″ x 1.95 mountain bike style.


You can purchase this RooDog Avatar Crossbar Electric Bike as a dual-purpose bike. You will use it alternatively in the city and on hard-to-ride mountain terrains.

This Avatar electric bike features a built-in removable hidden battery in the frame. It also provides the user with maximum comfort and security.

In 2018, the manufacturer added upgrades to this bike, including an LCD and a Suntour XCR32 lock-out fork suspension, making it more robust and convenient.

Powabyke MBM Metis Men’s MTB 14.5ah 522Wh

The Top 10 Best Electric Mountain Bikes In The UK

Key Features

FrameMBM Alloy 6061 27,5 Plus Hydroforming.
ForkSuntour Xcm 32-DS-Rl15 QLC32.
Brakes Shimano Br-M315 Hydraulic.
Motor MBM Motori Elettrici By Olieds.
Battery 36V, 14,5 Ah, 522 Wh.
TiresTrax Fatty 27″,5X2.80.


If you want a mountain bike that will enable you to have more fun and a mountain biking adventure experience, look no further because the MBM Metis Men’s MTB 14.5ah 522Wh has all you need.

When designing this poweful mountain bike, the idea was to equip it with stylish lines, lightness, and modern technology.

The manufacturer wanted to help the riders seeking mountain biking adventures achieve their goals without fearing the dangerous roads and the difficult paths.

It weighs 24 kg, costs £2,699.00, and will enable you to go through the beaten paths and tackle the up and downhill run quickly and effortlessly.

Kinesis RISE Pro Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

Key Features

FrameKinesis UK RISE Hardtail 6061.
Fork RockShox 35 Gold – 130mm – 44mm offset.
Brakes Shimano SLX – 4 piston – 180mm.
Motor Fazua Evation Drive System.
Battery Unspecified.
TiresNon specified.


This bike was upgraded in 2021 to make it more performant and user-friendly for mountain bikers.

In addition to the hardtail, the Kinesis RISE Pro Hardtail electric mountain bike features a lightweight Fazua drive system to make sliding around the woods more fun.

There are three levels of assistance from which you can choose and pedal as if you were using a non-motorized bicycle.

Besides, you can easily convert this electric mountain bike to a normal one.

It also has a 0.4kg lightweight cover that you can insert into the down tube and use the interior to store your bike tour equipment.

Other critical components of this bike are:

  • Neoprene Flak Jacket that fits E-Bikes with Fazua motor system.
  • Velcro attachment that protects the frame from rock impacts.
  • In addition, the Velcro attachment prevents small particles from entering the battery compartment and damaging it.
  • The Flak Jacket cover will help the battery reach the operating temperature faster and last longer.
  • The above component can also cover the tube when removing the battery.
  • There is also protection against coldness that ensures the total capacity during the colder months.

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Neomouv Bricks High Torque Mid-Drive Enduro e-MTB 250w

NThe Top 10 Best Electric Mountain Bikes In The UK

Bricks Enduro e-MTB Key Features

FrameAluminium – Size 40, 46 or 52.
Brakes EKTRO hydraulic disc FR and RR brakes – 180 mm.
MotorShimano Steps E8000.
Battery14Ah 504Wh (45+).
Tires27.5 ” x 2.6 – Ambrosio rim – stainless steel spokes.
PriceSale price£3,697.00.


You can use this full-suspension electric mountain bike on high-demanding trails. It has a silent Shimano power that will fill up on thrills.

Neomouv Bricks High Torque Mid-Drive Enduro e-MTB 250w will enable you to enjoy the best and most challenging routes and easily demonstrate your downhill skills.

You will be happy to find out that it is worth your money.

It will also enable you to comfortably climb the long winding trails thanks to its poweful Shimano central motor Steps E8000.

Indeed, this bike’s Shimano motor is an absolute beast when riding all types of terrains.

You can use the link below to go to the Electric Ride online store and learn more about this bike and other mountain bikes available there.

Forme Lathkill FSE Grey/Black 27.5″

Forme Lathkill FSE Keu Feutures

Frame6061 Alloy In. Tube Battery.
ForkRock Shox Judy 120mm.
Brakes Sram Guide T 203mm Rotors.
MotorBosch Performance Line CX.
BatteryBosch Integrated 500WH.
TiresSchwalbe Smart Sam 27.5″x2.6″.


I will not talk too much about the Lathkill FSE, except it is a must-own trail bike because of its power to take on a single track and climb quickly.

I recommend investing in this bike if you are looking for a high-quality e-MTB; it is an ideal choice worth your money.

Also, you could experience an embarrassment of choice because there are many bikes of this type to choose from (more than five).

If so, ensure to fill out a quick questionnaire requesting to talk to an Electric Rider expert team for advice.

Someone will get back to you as soon as possible by phone or email.

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Ghost Hybride SL AMR S2.7+ Hardtail E-Bike

The Top 10 Best Electric Mountain Bikes In The UK

Key Features

Framehybrid SLAMR AL.
ForkRockShox Revelation RC Debon Air 140mm.
Brakes TRP G-Spec Trail SL 4/4 Piston 203mm.
Motor Shimano DU-E8000.
BatteryShimano BT-E8010 504 Wh.
ChargerShimano EC-E6002.

Brief Description

This hybrid full-suspension bike has everything you need to efficiently rocket from trail to trail.

It is equipped with an aluminum frame to provide comfort and strength while maintaining a low weight.

Besides, the Ghost Hybride SL AMR S2.7 electric bike features a Shimano E8010 motor that will help you to improve your riding performance.

Ideally, you will climb and descend the mountainsides without depleting your energy and enjoy riding like never before.

This bike weighs 22.8 kg and costs £4,199.00.

Forme Black Rocks HTE Black/Blue 29″ E-Bike

Key Features

Frame6061 Alloy In tube Battery.
ForkRock Shox Reckon TK 120mm.
Brakes Shimano MT200 180mm Rotors.
MotorBosch Performance Line CX Gen 4.
BatteryBosch Integrated 500WH.
TiresSchwalbe Smart Sam 29″x2.6″.


This is the last of the ten best electric mountain bikes for hunters I have reviewed in this article. It is available in two colors (black and blue) and costs £3,297.00.

Indeed, you can use this playful trail hardtail bike powered by a Bosch Performance Line motor and 500wh battery on all types of terrains.

It will enable you to rip up the single track in your area, take different trail centers, hunt distant mountains, and enjoy life with a smile.

Can I manually pedal an electric bike?

Riding an electric bike manually is possible, but you don’t need to do it because the motor does the hard work.

It makes pedaling easier than using a regular bike, and the throttles found on e-bikes also provide power without pedaling.

Can an electric bike go uphill?

Electric bikes' motors and batteries empower them to go uphill quickly and help you climb hills you can't go through with a regular bike.

The Final Words 

Let’s end this article with the top 10 best electric mountain bikes in the UK now, hoping that the information provided will help you choose a proper one.

To go to this brand’s online store, you only need to click on the blue banner on his page.

You will then browse all bikes per category, select the one you like and purchase it. You can even buy a scouter, E-Mopeds, E-Motorbikes, etc.

Electric Riders ships across the United Kingdom and the shipping fee will be included in the cost.

They will also provide you with any other assistance if needed.

Please ask questions or leave a comment at the bottom of this page if you wish.

We will reply quickly.

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  1. Electric mountain bikes offer several advantages over traditional mountain bikes. For one, they are much easier to pedal up hills, making it a breeze to get to your favorite spot on the mountain. They also provide more assistance when you need it to tackle steep inclines with ease. Plus, they make biking more fun by adding an extra level of excitement to your ride.

    They are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise at the same time. If you’re looking for a bike that will help you get the most out of your next outdoor adventure, an electric mountain bike is worth considering. 


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