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The Best Survival Gear Equipment For Mountain Hunting

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I feel compelled to share an artcle about the best survival gear equipment for mountain hunting, an activity that requires focus, shooting skills, and excellent physical and mental health conditions.

Because you get to experience wildlife to the fullest, not only does it need those things above, but it also needs a good plan and preparation.

Anything can happen in the wild, but you can decrease the chances of trouble with good preparation.

For that reason, the best survival gear equipment for mountain hunting is one that must be on you at all times.

Regardless of the duration of your trip, it would help if you prepared for the unexpected.

Below are the essential things you need for survival, so you have better chances to tell the tale when you return from your mountain adventure.

First Aid Kit

When it comes to survival, most people might have already guessed the first aid kit as one of the things to consider.

The first aid kit is beneficial for first assistance with minor injuries.

It can also help you in a more serious situation where you need to prevent the condition from worsening until you get good medical service.

One thing to remember is that a perfect first aid kit doesn’t exist. The first-aid kit is unique for every person.

Not only does it need to contain basics and personal medications, but you also need to consider the length of your trip.

That way, you can estimate how much you would bring if you need to spend more days in the woods.

The rule of thumb is you don’t need to pack anything in a first aid kit that you are unfamiliar with.

It would just be a waste of space, so if necessary, try to familiarize yourself with using it before mountain hunting.

Consider including in your kit box: antiseptic wipes, antibacterial ointment, different sizes of bandages, and butterfly closure.

You must include medical tape, liquid bandages, painkillers, tweezers, and triangular bandages in your kit bag.

Lastly, put it all in a waterproof container so no water leakage can destroy its contents.

The Best Survival Gear Equipment For Mountain Hunting

Hydration Pack

This is another one of mountain hunters’ best survival gear and equipment. It may vary among individuals, but one could generally survive one to two months without food.

However, three days is the maximum time a person can survive without water before organs begin to shut down.

The body requires a lot of water to perform essential body functions like regulating body temperature, blood circulation, detoxification, etc.

That is why it is essential to keep your body hydrated.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you must pack up a considerable amount of drinking water; that would be inconvenient and tiring. 

Instead, carry enough water for a day of mountain hunting and an all-purpose pan to boil water from a spring or creek if you run out of drinking water.

The amount of water you carry depends on the temperature, duration of stay, and difficulty level of hunting activities.

Usually, 3 liters of water per day for each individual is enough. 2 liters is the minimum amount you should bring.

In this modern world, some things can be helpful for your mountain-hunting hydration problems, such as mini water filters or chemical water purification.

You wouldn’t even notice its weight in your backpack, but it will keep you hydrated even from questionable water sources.

Are water bladders suitable for backpacking?

Many debates surround using water bladders for backpacking, with many arguing that they are not suitable for this purpose.

These people find that water bladders are bulky and not easy to carry and prefer other methods.

However, many others find them valuable to a backpacking setup when they go hiking and camping.

They would have some advantages over other methods of carrying water as they hold a lot of water.

So, we will not say that water bladders are ideal for backpacking or not. It is up to each individual to consider what is best for him.

How do you use a water bladder for hiking?

Using a water bladder is straightforward because you only need to fit it with water and screw on the lid tightly.

When done, place it inside your backpack and check if you can easily access the nozzle is accessible.

You will then take a drink from the nozzle when you feel thirsty and screw the lid back on when you finish.


The Best Survival Gear Equipment For Mountain Hunting

If you plan to spend a day mountain hunting, you should pack a tent if you have to stay for the night.

So, better to prepare than be sorry; you never know the surprise the wilderness might give you.

Access to a tent when staying for the night in the backcountry will help you immensely.

Depending on the forecast, find a suitable shelter to ensure you don’t suffer from rain, wind, or plummeting temperatures.

On top of that, it is always good to bring extra protection, like rain gear, to keep your body from getting wet and trap heat in the event of plummeting temperatures.

If you don’t think that’s enough to fight coldness, a big bag is something you can go for.

Bring a tarp as a ground pad for your tent to add more comfort and protection.

You can also use a tarp to trap water to collect it as drinking water.

Also, if you need a clean surface to prepare food, you can use a tarp.

It is versatile and lightweight, you can fold it, and it takes only a little space in/on your backpack.

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Survival Knife or Multitool

Depending on your preference, you can bring a survival knife, a multitool, or both (it’s also an option).

Some people like to bring a survival knife because it’s big, sharp and can perform challenging tasks like cutting wood or slicing meat.

Some others prefer a multitool equipped with essential things such as a knife, scissors, tweezer, bottle opener, etc.

Make sure to carry a suitable knife based on your skill set and the type of activity you plan to do using your knife.

Fire Starter

It would be cool to make a fire with sticks or flintstones, but that takes a lot of effort and much more if you are in a damp environment.

That is why you need a fire starter on you at all times in the wilderness; it is arguably the most critical survival tool.

If you have it in your survival kit, you can start a fire to cook food, boil water, warm your body, and keep predators away while you sleep.

There are various types of fire starters available on the market. You can choose different sizes, from a minor key to a bigger one that looks like a harmonica.

The Best Survival Gear Equipment For Mountain Hunting

What is the best fire starter for camping?

For camping, you can use many fire starters, such as Bernzomatic Premium Trigger-Start Torch Kit, Light my Fire Ferro Rod Fire Starter, Zippo Outdoor Lighter, and the like.

Communication and Navigation

Mountain hunting means you will be “cut out” from the world. The internet connection might not be available, there will not be a landline, and your phone might not pick up signal bars.

In this situation, having access to a topographic map and a compass could save your life.

You will not be worried about getting any signal bars and the battery running out.

Pack a map and a compass in your backpack if your electronic navigation devices, like your phone and GPS, don’t work as expected.

If you want to use your phone as a navigation device, make sure to download an offline map so that you can open it without an internet connection.

You can put your phone on airplane mode to save its battery usage.

It will help if you invest in a satellite communication device.

It allows you to send text messages and an SOS and track your location should the unexpected happen.

Whistle and Mirror

These two in your house are perhaps perfectly combined after a good bath, whistling in front of the mirror while fixing your hair.

In the wilderness, these two also make good survival tools. 

A loud whistle with a specific tool will give rescuers clues about your whereabouts.

A whistle of 100 or more decibels can reach a great distance and quickly notice the ambient noise.

Always have it on you at all times and put it in your pocket to still have it on you if you don’t have your backpack.

Also, remember to bring a signal mirror. You can buy a small 2″ x 3″ unbreakable reflector designed as a survival tool.

The light reflection can reach up to 7 miles if there is enough sunlight so that you can alert the rescue plane to your location.


  • Although you might hunt for food and already bring water, you still need some healthy food to energize yourself.
  • Ensure to bring healthy food that contains about 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fats. It will give you more energy.
  • You don’t need to weigh yourself with a lot of food; bring enough to boost your energy for the duration of the hunt.
  • Also, get an extra pack for a day or two to prepare for any unexpected misfortune.
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The Final Words

That’s all about the best survival gear equipment for mountain hunting.

It doesn’t hurt to recheck your backpack and see if you haven’t forgotten something, and bring extra, if possible, to be more secure on your adventure.

If all that survival gear is packed, you are ready to face any possibilities in the wilderness.

Also, it is essential to understand your chosen mountain hunting location and use the wilderness survival gear and equipment for the proper purpose.

In addition, remember to tell your loved ones your hunting location and when they can expect you to return.

Please ask questions or leave a comment at the bottom of this page. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. As one who has walked all over the front range of Colorado, I like that this article includes the essential information on needs when going mountain hunting. Sometimes we forget and go to such adventures unprepared.

    I particularly like that you have spotlighted hydration and the fire starter kit. Bringing all these things can give you peace of mind that you are prepared and let you enjoy the adventure. 


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