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The 10 Best Giant Mountain Bikes For Sale Under $1000

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This article examines ten of the best Giant mountain bikes for sale for under $1000; we will look at their features and price points to find your perfect ride.

We have reviewed these mountain bikes based on their quality components and overall performance for the value of your hard-earned money.

So if you’re looking for a reliable model of MTB that will keep the bank, read on to discover our top picks.

XTC JR Disc 24 mountain bike: $499.99

The 10 Best Giant Mountain Bikes For Sale Under $1000

This bike is for young off-road riders who want to improve their skill in traversing climbs and descents.

XTC JR Disc 24 equips 50mm of travel Giant WIN254 fork suspension for absorbing shocks. It is a good companion on off-road adventures.

The 24-inch wheels and disc brakes enhance young riders’ performance for hitting the trails hard without compromising safety.

Purchasing this bike from Mike’s Bikes gives more benefits than the bike.

You can trade the bike in when you need to upgrade and get 50% off of the XTC JR Disc 24 price towards a new bike.

This is a perfect solution for getting a new mountain bike someday for young riders who eventually will need a bigger bike as they grow.

ATX 26 mountain bike: $519.99

For some people, changes can be challenging. If you have been riding a mountain bike before 2010, you know that 26-inch was the standard size for most mountain bikes.

Now, things have changed, and 29er has become more popular. So, the ATX 26 bike is for those who want to move to something other than 27.5-inch or 29er.

It’s understandable since 26-inch are often better for fast reactions on technical terrains.

Combining these wheels with 75mm SR Suntour M3030A and 7-speed Shimano TZ500, ATX 26 is versatile in any terrain.

The 26-inch wheels tend to have a slower top speed due to the wheels’ sizes, but thanks to its wheels’ dimensions, ATX 26 will fit all-size riders.

ATX 27 5 mountain bike: $519.99

The 10 Best Giant Mountain Bikes For Sale Under $1000

If you are ready to try larger wheel sizes to see if you like them, ATX 27.5 could be a perfect choice.

This bike features, you guessed it right, 27.5-inch wheels. It also has all the ATX 26 parts, the only difference being the 27.5 wheels sizes.

So, what will you get from the ATX 27.5-inch wheels? ATX 27.5 offers a higher top speed than 26-inch wheels.

Not only that, larger wheels provide additional suspension and better traction.

Compared to ATX 26, ATX 27.5 is better at absorbing shocks and more

This bike is also perfect for small riders who want larger wheels if 29-inch wheels are too large.

Other alternatives are the five best Specialized Stumpjumper mountain bikes, but they are costly.

Talon 29 4 bikes: $579.99

It’s time to try the 29er, which is gradually becoming the standard mountain bike wheel size.

Indeed, Talon 29 4 makes the best candidate if you want to try out the many advantages of the 29-inch wheels.

It is a hardtail with 80mm or 100mm front suspension for singletrack riders.

This bike also provides a 9-speed cassette to give you more options on any trail.

Furthermore, Talon 29 4 doesn’t necessarily have to use 29-inch wheels because Talon 29 offers two-wheel size options, 27.5-inch or 29-inch.

So, if you find 29 inches is too large for you, opt for a 27.5 variant to get the best experience on this affordable mountain bike.

Roam 4 Disc mountain bike: $629.99

The 10 Best Giant Mountain Bikes For Sale Under $1000

This giant bike is perfect for riders who enjoy biking on the city road and off-road.

Indeed, according to Giant, the manufacturer, Roam 4 Disc is a hybrid bike combining a road bike and a mountain bike.

It features 29-inch wheels, an aluminum frame, and a 63mm front SR Suntour NEX 700C suspension.

This combination will allow you to shred over smooth roads, rough roads, dirt paths, and trails with comfort.

This bike also has a slim appearance that gives you a sense of agility when you look at it.

The name says it all, as this bike is suitable for riders who love to roam.

The nine best Quietkat electric hunting bikes are worth checking if you are not on the budget.

Cypress DX mountain bicycle: $689,99

Fancy rolling down dirt paths in the countryside and pedaling on bumpy roads occasionally?

Cypress DX will give you that pleasure. With 700c wheels and an upright position, your riding experience will be comfortable and relaxing.

The bike features the SR Suntour Nex fork with 63mm travel to absorb the vibrations.

It also offers a Seatpost with alloy suspension to make your ride more enjoyable.

Besides, the Cypress DX bicycle has a 69.5 degrees head tube angle, a setup used a few years ago in most trail bike geometry.

With that setup, this bicycle is suitable for long rides on roads or easy trails, even some bumpy dirt roads.

Talon 29 2 mountain bike: $719.99

The 10 Best Giant Mountain Bikes For Sale Under $1000

Get this bike if you want to start cross-country cycling! It has a frame geometry that fits its respective wheel size.

Also, this bike will allow you to push the speed on climbs and get crazy on the descents.

What makes it different from the Talon you have read before is that you can pick 80mm or 100mm travel front suspension for either 29-inch or 27.5-inch wheels, depending on your pick.

Other than that, Talon 29 2 features a 9-speed cassette instead of a 7-speed, so you have more options for gear switching.

However, you will need to invest more cash with these advantages over the Talon 29 4. But, all in all, it’s worth the value.

Giant Roam 3 Disc mountain bicycle: $759.99

This bike is the second most expensive from Roam variant under $1000. At a glance, you would not notice the difference between Roam variant.

Indeed, every Roam variant is different from one other in terms of the components it uses.

The more expensive, the better quality of parts it gets. So, how does this variant differ from the rest?

Roam 3 Disc features Shimano HG31, 8-speed 11×34 cassette, front derailleur Shimano FD-TY710, and rear derailleur Shimano Acera.

The rest of the components are the same as all Roam variants.

This bike is for riders who want to experience all the essentials of Giant’s Roam models and offer a nice ride without investing too much money.

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Giant Roam 2 Disc mountain bike: $909.99

The 10 Best Giant Mountain Bikes For Sale Under $1000

This is the most expensive Roam variant on this list. It allows enjoying the sensation of riding the best Roam model.

Roam 2 Disc will hint at how the best Roam model would feel. It uses a Deore groupset with a 1×9 drivetrain.

Deore is a groupset in the middle of the MTB groupset hierarchy. So, it’s good to have components from the middle end, considering the price.

As for the gear specs, this mountain bike seems slower than Roam 3 Disc at the lowest gear combinations.

However, don’t worry, as Roam 2 Disc is more than enough to enjoy a balance between urban commuting and trail riding.

Giant STP 26 SS bicycle: $1,049.99

  • Finally, we are landed on the most expensive, a little over $1000 mountain bike on this list.
  • STP 26 SS is a single-speed responsive bike that entrusted 26-inch wheels as one of the bike’s main allures.
  • This single-speed bike is yours if you enjoy dirt jumping, trails, or street riding sessions.
  • It needs low maintenance as there are just a few moving parts to look after.
  • At first, it isn’t going to be easy to ride STP 26 SS on steep hills, but it is a great way to enhance your fitness. Plus, you will get the hang of it over time.

All these mountains and other bicycle types from popular brands are featured at Mike’s Bikes’ online store.

Who is the largest bike manufacturer in the world?

According to the current statistics, Giant holds a 10% share of the global cycling market, making it the largest manufacturer in the industry.

This company’s dense manufacturing cluster has enabled it to outperform other players in the bicycle industry with millions of units produced.

Does Giant make parts for Trek?

Giant produces its bicycles, parts, and accessories in factories in China, the Netherlands, and Taiwan. Still, it also manufactures these products for other brands like Colnago, Scott, and Trek.

What do the numbers on Giant bikes mean?

The numbers on Giant bikes refer to the bike’s frame or the length of the seat tube in centimeters.

If, for instance, a bicycle has a “54” frame, its seat tube is 54cm long, making it suitable for an individual around 5’4″ tall.

The number can also refer to the bike’s wheel size or the model; the lowest number typically refers to a higher-end model.

Final thoughts

This article has looked in-depth at ten different Giant mountain bikes priced under $1000 by carefully providing each model’s essential components and pricing.

Giant bikes offer some of the best value for mountain bikers on a budget, and this brand has many models to help you narrow down the choices.

In the hope that this information will enable you to pick an MTB tailored to the value of your money, we wish you the best riding moments.

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  1. Great articles, and what a nice selection of mountain bikes you have here. All of these bikes look great, with reasonable prices and great features too, but because of the many options its so difficult to choose one. I would probably prefer one that has 27 inch wheels, anyways Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you for your comment. Please take a bit of your time to read the entire article. You will find the ideal option for you. 


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