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Specialized Turbo Levo Electric Mountain Bike Review

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The Specialized Turbo Levo electric mountain bike is an advanced technological model with a lightweight frame, powerful motor, and intuitive controls.

This bike enables riders to confidently take on any terrain and experience leisure riding up hills or thrilling downhills.

We will explore its aspects from sound design, high-end components, performance in various conditions, etc.

A brief overview of Specialised Brand

Specialized introduced its first electric bike in 2012 and the Turbo Levo mountain bike in 2016. ,

The Turbo Levo raised a bar very high because it came with excellent integration, handling, and connectivity, considered a breakthrough at the time.

The customers’ response was also satisfying as it did not take long for this top-quality mounatin bike to be sold out.

With that success, Specialized continued to refine the Turbo Levo until recent years, and hopefully, it will keep doing so.

The Levo Expert specifications

This Levo builds a mullet setup known for its livelier feel due to its smaller wheel at the rear end and power 2.2 motor and MasterMind Turbo Control Unit (TCU).

These technologies amplify the rolling power seamlessly, so the bike is always ready whenever and wherever you want to ride.

Below are the Levo Expert essential specifications to enable you to discover it better:

FrameFact 11m full Carbon, 150mm of travel.
ForkFOX FLOAT 38 Performance Elite 29, 160mm of travel.
DrivetrainSram X01 Eagle 12-speed, 10-52t XG-1275 Cassette.
WheelsTraverse 29/27.5, Butcher 29″ front, and Eliminator 27.5″ rear.
MotorSpecialized Turbo Full Power System 2.2 Motor.
Battery Specialized M3-700, Integrated battery, 700Wh.
Brakes SRAM Code RS, 4-piston caliper, hydraulic disc front and rear.

Turbo Levo setup

Specialized Turbo Levo Electric Mountain Bike Review

The Levo Expert has 27.5 inches rear wheel paired with 29 inches front wheel.

In theory, this mullet setup will give you a snappier feel on trails as the smaller rear wheel could sink in smaller holes than the 29 inches wheel.

According to many riders, a smaller back wheel dives into tighter corners quicker than a 29 inches wheel.

Moreover, this mountain bike features the T9 compound tire, which is softer and better on dry and dusty trails.

Riders also need the correct geometry to get the most out of a mixed wheels bike, and the Levo Expert has a well-balanced one with the mullet setup.

Furthermore, this bike has a 442mm length of chainstays, making it easy to maneuver on trails and a slacker 64.5 degrees head tube angle for more control on faster rides.

For stable rides, the Levo Expert features a 27mm BB drop for every size but a 25mm BB drop for S1.

In terms of suspensions, the Levo Expert is equipped with a 150mm travel fork and 160mm travel rear to absorb the vibrations while riding on rough trails.

The Fox Float 38 adds more muscle to the front end so you can confidently tackle technical terrains.

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Turbo Levo motor

Part of what makes the Levo Expert such a capable electric mountain bike is the Specialized Turbo Full Power 2.2 Motor.

This poweful engine can take you further and faster with its 565 peak watts and 90 Nm of torque while being surprisingly quiet.

Ensure to activate trail mode or turbo mode on moderate trails to produce a little noise or none; the noise will appear only when you boost turbo power on harsh terrains.

Specialized has also equipped this MTB with a 700Wh internal battery enabling you to enjoy long ride trails.

And you do not need to worry about calculating battery consumption in the middle of the ride because the bike features a MasterMind TCU to show riding time, distance, driving mode, etc.

Specialized Turbo Levo pros and cons


  • The bike has a powerful yet quiet motor of 565 peak watts and 90 Nm of torque.
  • It is also equipped with a 700Wh battery to take you as far as possible woiy=thourt running out of power.
  • A MasterMind TCU enables you to supervise your battery capacity easily and provides other important information about the ride.
  • Levo Expert has adjustable geometry, long-travel suspensions, and other top components to make riding comfortable.
  • Additionally, its design makes all eyes jealously gaze at it every time you hit the trails.


The only drawback of the Specialized Turbo Levo is the pricing tag which many can find unaffordable.

Alternative to Turbo Levo: Levo Comp Alloy

Specialized Turbo Levo Electric Mountain Bike Review

The Levo Comp Alloy shares the same motor and battery as the Levo Expert, meaning both MTBs offer roughly the same power and travel distance.

Both bikes have been designed around a premium alloy frame that significantly affects the bike’s weight.

Besides, the Levo Comp Alloy is a mullet bike with the same travel suspensions as the Levo Expert but uses a smaller fork.

The fork features the FOX FLOAT X Performance rear shock, which is cheaper but friendly.

The bike also shares an internal cable routing, making it look clean and improving geometry to get the feel of the Levo model.

Speaking about geometry, the Levo Comp Alloy brings pretty much the same standover height in all sizes enabling the rider more control over the bike.

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You can also check the best MTB for climbing and downhill alpine trails.

Is the specialized turbo Levo a trail bike?

Specialized Turbo Levo is a durable trail bike with a lightweight frame that offers a comfortable ride making the cost worth it.

This bike’s other top components include a suspension system you can adjust according to the terrain you are riding on.

Its other features that will empower you to tackle any terrain are the wide range of gears and big tires.

In a few words, this bike is your best pick if you want to handle anything the trail throws at you and enjoy the best riding experience.

How fast does the Specialized Turbo Levo go?

According to Specialized, the Turbo Levo can go at a speed of 45 an hour, making it one of the fastest bikes available today. We encourage you always to take care of your safety on the road.

How long does a specialized turbo Levo battery last?

A Specialized 700Wh Turbo Levo battery can typically last up to five and a half hours of ride time and enable you to go as far as 43 miles of range.

Some say these batteries are so powerful that they last longer than a car battery, but we don’t know if the claim is valid.

In addition, a specialized turbo Levo battery can last up to five years if you maintain your bike properly.

Final thoughts

The Specialized Turbo Levo electric mountain review concludes that this MTB is an excellent choice for those looking for a perfect e-bike.

The combination of the powerful motor and battery and other quality components and outstanding design make it an excellent two wheels to get out into nature.

In a few words, this bike has all you need to take mountain biking to the next level and enjoy the best adventure as a newbie or experienced rider.

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