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Bootlegger Carbon Mountain Bike 29 Review

Last Updated on November 4, 2022 by Emmanuel

If you are looking for an ideal mountain bike to hit the most technical and aggressive terrains, take the time to read the Bootlegger Carbon Mountain Bike 29 review. 

I will give you the technical specifications of this top-rated mountain bike and other essential information, including how to purchase it online at a great price.

Bootlegger Carbon Mountain Bike Key Features

FrameFRAMED Full Carbon, 148×12 T.A.
ForkFOX 32 Float SC Performance 100mm travel, 110x15mm T.A.
Rear DerailleurSRAM NX Rear Derailleur; X-Actuation.
ChainSRAM Powerlock 12 speed.
Brakes SRAM Level Hydraulic brake, 160mm rotors.
TiresContinental 29 x 2.2.

In addition to the features mentioned in the table above, this bike has many other vital components, such as a rebound adjust and a remote lock-out to prevent it from being stolen.

It also features SRAM NX Eagle 12 Speed Trigger Shifters, an all-mountain lightweight aluminum alloy riser, an alloy wheelset with a 110/15mm, 148/12mm pub hub, and many other features. 

The bike’s description

The Bootlegger Carbon Mountain Bike 29″ seller is Framed Bikes, headquartered in the Twins Cities in Minnesota.

This brand aims to help two wheels lovers all across the U.S. find the best bikes, feel again like kids and keep enjoying their lives.

Therefore, if you are a mountain biking runner who needs the agilest, faster, and most innovative mountain bike, the Bootlegger Carbon Mountain Bike 29″ may be ideal.

This contemporary cross-country bike has many features, including geometry for hitting the most aggressive and technical terrains.

It also has a four-bar linkage suspension system that will enable you to pedal efficiently, whether riding smoothly or in punch.

Besides this bike, the Minessota Framed Bikes company also sells many other cross-country mountain bikes, meaning you have many choices.

Toward the end of this review, I will give you a link you can use to go to its online store, where you will learn more about this bike and the range of others found there.

You will then purchase it or choose another alternative. You can also buy other accessories such as mountain bikes, helmets, shoes, jerseys, jackets, etc.

In the meanwhile, you can find below the pros and cons of a framed carbon bike:

Bootlegger Carbon Mountain Bike 29 Review

Carbon Framed Bikes Pros and Cons


These types of bikes offer many benefits, but I will name a few:


Many people are fond of framed carbon bikes’ lightness, making them easy to handle, maintain, and keep after riding the hardnesses terrain.

Indeed, the manufacturers use fiber material to build the carbon fiber bike frames, align the carbon layers differently, and adjust their stiffness and compliance.

Comfortable and Smooth To Ride

Another benefit of carbon bikes is that they are comfortable and smooth to ride due to the comfort of their carbon frames.

You will typically enjoy riding your best carbon mountain bike with a fork that benefits from vibration-damping qualities for a smoother ride.

Strong and Durable

Besides what is said above, I will also mention that the manufacturer of carbon bikes has strengthened their frames to make them more solid and durable.

The lab testing has shown that carbon mountain and road-framed bikes typically outperform alloy-frame bikes and have good impact resistance.

However, it would help avoid errors such as snapped bidon cage lugs that can damage carbon frames.

Made In Stable Material

Unlike former carbon bike frames susceptible to U.V. damage, there have been many improvements to the current carbon road and mountain-framed bikes.

Nowadays, the manufacturers of these bikes make the frames so strong that you don’t have to worry about the abovementioned issue.

If you buy your carbon Bootlegger Carbon Mountain Bike 29″ and maintain it correctly, you will use it for a lifetime. 

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  • This bike is a bit costly for people who have a tight budget.
  • Some customers say that the seller’s logistics team doesn’t pack some parts correctly, which may cause damage, but a guarantee will cover your purchase.
Bootlegger Carbon Mountain Bike 29 Review

The Cost, Shipping, and Returns 

The Cost and Shipping

This bike costs $2,499.95 (the shipping fee included), and it is available only in one red color.  

Framed Bikes ship in all 48 U.S. States. You must provide the correct physical address, not a P.O. Boxe and you will receive your package by FedEx or USPS.

This company doesn’t deliver outside the U.S. because of international box size restrictions.

It could also be that your bike has a few cosmetic blemishes caused by shipping such items; please bear that if it happens.

If you find significant damages, ensure to contact customer support quickly. They will immediately investigate the matter and resolve it quickly. 


  • The seller offers a five-year limited guarantee for all forks and framed carbon bike frames.
  • You will be entitled to request a refund of your money or a replacement in case of defective material and artistry.
  • However, you must abide by the use of the purchased items to avoid the abuse of this guarantee.
  • Also, if you are not happy with your purchase and want to return the bike for a full refund, you can do it within 30 days of the date of delivery.
  • If you have purchased items other than a bike, you can return them within three months or 90 days from delivery.
  • You will get a full refund of the original price minus the shipping label cost, as stated in the seller’s terms and conditions.

Are Carbon Bikes Worth It?

Of course, carbon bikes are worth it because they are lighter, but their weight doesn’t matter like the riders.

Carbon Bikes also help when climbing and accelerating, which require more effort and energy savings from the cyclist.

Nice carbon bikes also feature much stiffer torsionally than most steel and alloy bikes, making it easy to enhance power transfer, acceleration, climbing, sprinting, etc.

Since carbon bikes help to spend less energy when accelerating, they can also help you increase your top speed.

How Long Should A Carbon Bike Frame Last?

Carbon frames are solid and can last many years or even indefinitely, but most manufacturers recommend replacing them after six or seven-year of use.

Some external factors can also influence the duration of the carbon bike frame.

The most common and detrimental are the impacts caused to a bicycle when you knock it against stiff things.

Too much pressure can also damage a carbon bike frame. It will help if you are careful when tightening bolts, clamping things to the edge, etc.

Besides the above factors, improper care can damage your carbon bicycle and shorten its lifetime.

Bootlegger Carbon Mountain Bike 29 Review

Does Carbon Fiber Deteriorate?

These bikes' components include strong carbon fibers and resin to hold them together, but the resin can degrade over time and alter the frame's properties. Keep your carbon bike out of hot environments because the resin components are heat-sensitive.

Do Carbon MTB Frames Break Easily?

A carbon MTB frame is not easy to break unless you are not careful enough or suffer a violent accident that smacks it hard.

It is nearly impossible to hit your bike’s concrete on flat surfaces as most of its components are too bolted onto the frame that will get hit first.

In a few words, it is not as easy to break a carbon MTB frame, unlike what inexperienced people pretend.

Are Carbon Bikes More Comfortable?

Carbon fibers are one of the most suitable materials for making high-end mountain and road bike frames used by most racing professionals.

The designers of these bicycles use resin to bond carbon fiber together in a mold.

This manufacturing process makes carbon frames stiffer and lighter than titanium, steel, or aluminum.

Moreover, the lower carbon frames help to absorb more road vibrations than the bikes transmit, resulting in a more comfortable ride.

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Will You Go Faster On A Carbon Road Bike?

Of course, you will go faster with a carbon bicycle, but you must be smart enough when buy the best one.

All carbon road or mountain bikes are not created equal and don’t feature the same components.

We suggest you purchase the Bootlegger Carbon mountain bike 29, among the best carbon MTBs.

If you don’t prefer this mountain bike, you can visit the Mike’s Bikes online shop that offers road, mountain, electric, active, and kid’s bikes.

Moreover, Mike’s Bikes retailer sells bicycles from big brands such as BMC, Cannondale, Giant, Juliana, Santa Cruz, Specialized, and lots more.

Why Are Road Bikes So Expensive?

This is another question many people who want to purchase mountain and road bikes ask.

Once again, we want you to know that all mountain and road bikes don’t come with the same components, making their costs different.

A solid mountain bike will enable you to explore hard-to-reach places like alpine forests, country farmlands, and dense rainforests.

It can also help you to explore glacial lakes, fields of wildflowers, high-altitude ridgelines, red-rock deserts, etc.

When buying a mountain bike, look into frame material, fork, chain, chainrings, handlebar, wheels and fenders, brakes, saddle and pedals, and cranks.

All these components come with a price; you must have a consequent budget to own a high-end mountain bike.

Final Words

Allow us to end the Bootlegger Carbon Mountain Bike 29 review. We hope the provided information is enough to help you decide on what bike to buy.

Use the buy button to go to Framed Bikes, which sells this bicycle and many other types of framed bikes.

Otherwise, you may consider checking the vast array of bikes on Mike’s Bikes online shop.

Thank you for reading this review. You can ask questions or leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

We will get back to you as soon as possible, and I wish you the best mountain biking experience.

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  1. Before reading this review, I was unfamiliar with this mountain bike brand, but I now feel pretty comfortable securing a purchase after reading this thorough article.

    The bike looks well constructed and offers a lot of durability. I also like that the seller provides many other mountain bikes alternatives in its online shop.


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