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Ancheer Electric Bikes For Adults And Gym Equipment Review

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We share a review of Ancheer electric bikes for adults and gym equipment to help you find top-quality items for your everyday ride and home workouts.

This review will show you the range of electric bikes, e-scooters for adults and kids, e-bike parts, and accessories.

We will also review the Ancheer home gym equipment, including exercise bikes, treadmills, and strength workout gear.

What Is Ancheer Shop?

Ancheer distributes top-rated health and fitness products to help people lead better lives.

This brand has headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and European branches.

It has partnered with top manufacturers in China and Taiwan who supply the products it sells at competitive prices.

The owners are committed to satisfying customers’ needs and making them loyal, meaning Ancheer sells quality items.

Moreover, this company has a professional sales team you can contact for help if you have some issues with its products.

They will be delighted to listen to your inquiry and provide you with the necessary assistance.

Ancheer Electric Bikes

Whether you want to buy an electric bike, e-mountain bike, fat tire mountain bike, or an electric folding bike in the USA or Europe, Ancheer has all you need.

Its online shop features a hundred of these e-bikes at competitive prices compared to costs prevailing on the market.

Given that we can not review each item featured in the category of electric bikes, we will give you a sample of a few.

Also, we will show how to go to this company’s online shop to browse all its products and purchase the most suitable for your needs and budget. 

City Electric Bikes 

Ancheer Electric Bikes For Adults And Gym Equipment Review

This category includes twelve e-bikes from which to choose the one you like.

You can, for instance, buy Ancheer 20 Inch Wheel Folding City Commuter Electric Bike AM1908 at $708.52.

This folding electric bike integrates a 250W high-speed motor and a 36V, 8AH lithium-ion battery you can remove and charge when you run out of power.

Your e-bike will also come with a smart lithium battery charger, and you can ride this e-bike at a 15 mph road speed limit.

This e-bike’s other components are a full lightweight aluminum alloy frame, making it easy to bring and store anywhere.

Moreover, it features solid brakes and a 7-speed Shimano transmission system, making it easy to use as a road or mountain bike.

Electric Mountain Bikes 

Besides city e-bikes, Ancheer also sells e-mountain bikes, such as AE7 Hummer 5687, at $919.99.

This electric mountain bike manufacturer has equipped it with a powerful 500W high-speed motor.

It also has a 48V 10Ah battery, enabling you to go as far as twenty-two miles at 15 mph.

This powerful hill-climbing e-bike will quickly allow you to cruise the mountains and enjoy long trail riding, but you can also use it for daily commuting.

It has an LCD that will show the speed you are riding at, the mileage, and the battery level to avoid running out of power.

This Ancheer 26 inches electric mountain bike also has many other components, including 21-speed gears to increase your ability to climb hills.

Moreover, this electric bike has mechanical disc brakes for more riding power. 

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Ancheer Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

Fat Tire Mountain Bikes 

If you prefer to buy a fat tire mountain bike, you will look into this category, but few choices will have.

For instance, you can select and buy a 26 Inch Wheel 500W fat tire e-bike equipped with a solid and high-speed 48V 500W motor for more riding freedom and fun.

This Ancheer fat tire electric bike also comes with a 48V 10Ah battery you can remove and charge off the bike or at any household outlet.

It will take up to 40 miles on different terrains such as back roads, bike paths, city streets, gravel, rail trails, etc.

Use the link below to go to the Ancheer online store and look under the category of electric bikes to check all e-bikes sold by this brand.

Adult And Kid Scooters

Kids Scooters

This brand’s other products are electric scooters for adults and kids sold at under $100 or higher.

You can, for instance, buy a 2-wheel kids scooter with LED light-up wheels at $50.99. This -scooter is foldable and adjustable.

This e-scooter is ideal for children aged from four to eight years. It is made of aluminum and plastic and is available in blue and pink colors.

Also, this kids’ scooter has 26.38 inches (67 cm) in length, 24.8-33.46 inches (63-85cm) in height, has 4.33 inches (11 cm) handlebar, and a maximum 80kg load capacity. 

Adults Scooters

Besides e-Scooters for kids, you can also buy that for adults at a great price.

We recommend the New Electric Fish-Board Skateboard features with wireless handheld remote control sold at $179.99. 

That’s all about the electric bikes and scooters made in China and Taiwan and available at the lowest costs on the Ancheer online shop.

We recommend Mike’s Bikes if you want to buy a high-end active, electric, kid, mountain, or road bike from big brands such as BMC, Cannondale, or Giant.

This famous US retailer also sells hundreds of bikes from other brands, including Gazelle, Juliana, Liv, Momentum, Orbea, Santa Cruz, Specialized, etc. 

Moreover, Mike’s Bikes sells bike components, accessories, and apparel. It al o offers biking repair services, rides and events nationwide.

Ancheer Home Gym Equipment

This category includes cardio training equipment, indoor exercise bikes, strength training equipment, and treadmills. 

Indoor Exercise Bikes

The flagship item in this category is the Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike, equiped with app control and a heart rate monitor.

This indoor workout bike is equiped with a free Qiber App to provide personalized coaching.

It requires you to use high-intensity workouts for your body to burn more calories.

Also, this indoor workout bike has many other components, including heavy-duty steel for challenging exercises.

Its other key component is three ergonomic handlebars for simulating various workout intensities.

You can adjust this bike to increase or decrease your ideal workout resistance level. Anch r sells it at $259.99. 

Strength Workout Equipment

The only item in this category is the Ab Wheel Roller, designed to increase the friction between the wheels and the ground and keep your body balanced.

According to the designer, this gear is appropriate for beginners in strength workouts.

You can use the provided link to check the details of this strength workout gear if it interests you. 

Ancheer Electric Bikes For Adults And Gym Equipment Review


Besides the above workout equipment, this brand also sells an easy-to-use and store folding treadmill at $459.99.

You can buy this Ancheer treadmill and range it quietly in any room in your house. It wi l help you to keep your body fit and healthy.

Your body will build more endurance and burn more calories and fat. This treadmill will also help you tone your muscle, improve cardiovascular fitness, etc. 

Besides these items, Ancheer also sells a wide range of bike parts and accessories, including batteries, chargers, etc. 

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The Pros And Cons Of Ancheer Company


  • The Ancheer online shop features a wide array of city and mountain bikes.
  • This brand also sells electric scooters for adults and kids.
  • You can also buy home gym equipment, including indoor bikes, treadmills, and muscle strength gear. 
  • Other items available on the Ancheer online shop are bike parts and accessories.
  • It sells affordable quality products made in China and Taiwan.
  • You can buy these items from the United States and European countries. 


This company sells products made in Asian countries, and some people don’t like them for unknown reasons.

However, it doesn’t mean that these items are not of good quality. We recommend them, especially if you have a tight budget. 

However, if you prefer high-end electric, mountain, or road bikes made by brands like BMC, Cannondale, Giant, Juliana, Santa Cruz, Specialized, etc., you can find them at Mike’s Bikes. 

How long does Ancheer battery last?

The battery of the Ancheer electric bike typically lasts three years if you maintain it well and can enable you to go as far as 30 miles or beyond when fully charged.

Are Ancheer E bikes waterproof?

We checked the reviews online to know what the owners of this bike say about it and found that it offers some mild water resistance.

It will help if you are careful enough and avoid submerging your Ancheer e-bike because it can lead to irreversible damage.

Other Useful Information

Ancheer typically delivers orders between four and nine business days from when you place an order.

However, this period can extend up to 25 days for batteries and 35 days for bike parts.

Besides, this brand backs its products with a one-year guarantee, and you can return the purchased items within fifteen days if they have quality issues.

Contact customer support for help if yiu can’t find quality items you like.

For more detail about the Ancheer warranty, you can refer to the terms and conditions of the sales.

The accepted payment means are PayPal, the major credit cards, and debit cards. These payment gateways are safe.

Final Thoughts

That’s all we had to share through the review of Ancheer electric bikes for adults and gym equipment.

You can purchase this bike if you are on a tight budget and need a quality e-bike.

If you prefer to buy high-end bikes made in the US or Europe, consider Mike’s Bikes online shop.

Both alternatives are available to you, and the choice is yours.

We hope this detailed information is helpful and wish you to continue enjoying the best of your life.

Thank you for reading the Ancheer review. You can comment or ask questions at this page’s bottom.

We will ensure to reply as soon as possible. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your review on the Ancheer Electric Bikes. This is perfect timing because I am looking for an affordable electric bike. 

    I’ve never heard of the Ancheer brand before, but city bikes look pretty cool. I live in Honolulu, so everyone has a bike or scooter. I am going to use the link you have provided and check the e-bikes sold by this company.

  2. I like that this post features great workout products one can afford without compromising quality and that Ancheer offers a warranty of one year. Also, you can return the items within 15 days if you are not satisfied with the quality. 

    I am curious about assembling the parts because many are unwilling or feel capable of doing so. 

    Thank you for sharing this review.

    • Thank you for your comment and question. Ancheer has a service that helps customers to assemble their bikes. 


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